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02-02-2010, 05:24 AM
Hello world!
Was looking for advice on interconnects for my new gear in the HT-room and realized that I be better of by joining in "for real". I'm an audioholic from south of Sweden that have been fed with music from my older brothers since I was very young. With my first real work (and pay checks) I was able to buy my first own real receiver, the Marantz PM-84 MkII and a pair of Dali 40 speakers. As you can see in my equipment list this is still my 2-channel living room setup. Have replaced my original CD-player (Denon 1920) with a Netgear NAS feeding a Squeezebox Classic. Besides from that I still find those oldies sounding great.
With the move to a new house I was able to design and build a "dedicated"** Home Theater/Spare room and this is where I consume most of my films and also music currently.
Since I really would like to have the sound quality in my HT to better match that one in the living room I have now invested in the Marantz AV8003/MM8003 combo. Hopefully this will be a huge leap forward compared to my previous Pioneer VSX-2016AV.

That was a litttle bit about myself and my gear. Looking forward to chat with you on different subjects. Most likely the first few subjects I will adress will be.

What interconnects to use for my new combo?? Balanced/Unbalanced/Price level etc..
Replacement DAC for the one build into the Squeezebox
Share experience of different media players. (Popcorn Hour, Build into recievers, PS3 etc)

** As dedicated as "The Wife" allows.


02-02-2010, 07:38 AM
Hello and welcome. You may want to break out your questions and place them on the appropriate boards if you don't get the info you asked for here.

Cables are very subjective but there has been a lot of buzz over Blue Jean Cables as far as price to performance goes. Obviously you can spend way more than you need to so matching the price point of your system will be recommended.

I have used or still use Tara Labs, XLO, Audio Quest and more recently Synergistic Research. I got the SRs in basically a garage sale and their orriginal cost for 2 pr ICs and 1 pr of Speaker cables cost as much as a lot of people's whole systems. Are they worth it? For what I paid they sure are but the law of diminishing returns definately kicks in at these price points.

What do you have available in your area as far as dealers and local to you online companies?


02-02-2010, 07:59 AM
I have the Blue Jean cables that Hyfi mentioned. Just 2 sets of interconnects, between my receiver and cd player, and turntable to receiver. Work great, nice looking, well built. $29 each. Can't go wrong. IMO there is a lot of snake oil when it comes to cables. With really high end gear, I might spend more, but for what I have, it makes absolutely no sense. I also purchased their speaker cables, and added the banana plug myself, again a great value. I could spend more obviously, but I do not see the point, at least in this stage of the game.

Sidney French
09-04-2010, 09:20 AM
Yes, there audiophiles down here in the Deep South!

Been doing audio all my life, I'm number 6 of 7 children so there was always music while growing up, either played by siblings or on the hi-fi console.

I'm a 2 channel guy, prefer analog but good quality digital is alright.

Joined to see what others think about the components that I use. Probably put done a review or 2 about them also.


09-07-2010, 05:08 PM
I also like my Blue Jean cables but Monoprice offers excellent interconnects for insanely low prices. My musician ears can't distinguish any difference.