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01-24-2010, 06:03 PM
Getting back into this hobby again, yet on a fairly tight budget. I used to subscribe to Stereophile, once in a while would read the Absolute Sound or WhatHiFi. Haven't picked up any in a long time. Would like to subscribe to one, what do you recommend for the wanna be audiophile who is more interested in gear that is basically more high value, vs. high end price wise. Think components that generally cost $2k or less. I don't mind reading the ocassional review on some interesting high end piece, but I would rather read about equipment I might actuallly be abe to afford. So, what magazine reviews more high value equipment, and has good music reviews too? Thanks.

01-24-2010, 06:29 PM
First off, all the mags you mentioned publish their reviews online... So you can read reviews from all of them for free (if you so desire)...

Goodsound is nice choice for affordable gear as that is their speciality:

There is also Affordable Audio:

I generally recommend reading from a variety of sources and subscribing to anyone you really like...


The Absolute Sound:

What Hi-Fi?

Hi-Fi Choice:

01-24-2010, 07:16 PM
Thanks for the links, the Affordable Audio one is quite interesting. While there's a ton of stuff online, sometimes it's nice to have an actual magazine in your hands.