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01-17-2010, 08:27 AM
My Sony was nice but slow, no net, and I couldn't be sure as to what kind of
audio I was getting, even tho it was great.
So I went with one of Sharps new players.
Havent tried the brand for awhile, thought it was time.
The graphics are cheap, 16 bit, but it loads a lot faster, and suprizingly
the DVD playback is superb.
SAM ROCKWELL, looked every bit of a depressed moonman in the great new movie..
And the BLU playback? Really great.
But I HAVE OTHER USES FOR THE 2GIG USB drive they included with the set for BD-LIVE use.
Don't know what generation this player is, but they are really coming into their own.
AND I finally have a HD-MASTER indicator on my receiver.:1: