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01-15-2010, 09:43 PM
Just curious which would be "better"

(2) SVS PC12-NSB (approx $1050)
(1) PC12-PLUS (approx $1000)

Current system:
Paradigm Reference Studio 100s V2 (& their CC Center and polk audio surround)
Onkyo TX-797 Receiver
Behring BFD (waiting for a sub....)
Room 11x14x7.5
Music 50% HT 50%

I like to walk around and pace and lol.... so with my current single sub (Polk Audio PSW110) I hear BIG variances when i walk around, something my Behringer BFD can not fix since it varies by location.

Would (2) of the NSBs in opposing sides of the 14ft wall (flaking my Paradigms) sound better then a single PLUS?

I have a primary position, but I like to move around. :yesnod:

Mr Peabody
01-16-2010, 08:24 PM
This may be a question better posed to SVS. They are pretty good about answering quickly.

My guess would be even though the 12+ may be an overall better sub using two of the step down model would be preferred. One thing you listening to 50% music, two would be a better balance. Second, you will have two cones moving the air. The two should work well unless you have a large power amp and listen loud, this could possibly give the subs a problem keeping up, being effective. The 12+ might be good but I haven't heard of a single driver yet that can move as much air as two.

harley .guy07
01-17-2010, 12:40 AM
I would agree with Mr. Peabody on this one since two subs positioned right will always deliver better bass than one in one part of the room. You could put one in a strong low frequency area and one that handles the higher bass frequencies better and you will have total balance in the low end region.

01-17-2010, 01:46 AM
I have a primary position, but I like to move around. :yesnod:

The fact that you like to pace is a major problem in getting consistent bass throughout your room from a single sub or possibly even two subs for that matter. Either SVS sub will be a huge, huge improvement over the Polk sub you now have. Both SVS models are excellent values for the bucks.

The PC12-Plus is obviously the superior sub of the two and has a single band parametric EQ. I disagree that two lower quality subs always sound better than one higher quality sub if you are in fact always in the primary listening position and the single sub is located in the best position for your room. But that is a huge if. In your situation it sounds that choosing the two subs would provide the better chance of reasonably smooth bass thoughout the room, but is in no way guaranteed unless you are willing to experiment with the placement of both subs and not just place them where they look or fit in best. The corrections for each sub might be different so you might need two BFD's to get the best results. (I have never used a BFD and presume it is mono.)

Not sure how SVS figures the shipping for one sub versus two but you might just consider trying one PC12-NSD to start. You might be surprised how much better it distributes the bass in your relatively small 11 x 14 room than what you have now. Just a thought here and if it was not satisfactory you could always buy the second one.

I don't think the amps in the SVS subs will have any problem keeping up with the Onkyo driving your 5 speakers. The 797 actually puts out much less than 100 watts with all channels driven. A future upgrade to an external amp like the Emotiva XPA-5 or UPA-5 might make a big improvement for your 5 speakers.

Mr. Peabody makes a good suggestion in contacting SVS. They give very good advice over the phone.

RR6 :biggrin5: