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01-09-2010, 08:41 PM
Hello ladies & gentlemen! New kid on the block!

The following post is a COPY & PASTE from my own posted thread at SOUND&VISION mag, the reason why Im also posting it, just like that, is because I want to get the most input....suggestions & guidance Ican. And even if the guys at S&V had been treated me nice and posted a couple of things, the thread is still far from the "huge amounts" of suggestions & votes I expect(ed). So, with that said, and if the moderators don't disagree with this; here is my thread:

OK ladies & Gentlemen, boys & girls, Im back.
Back in November I started a thread with the purpose of getting the opinions & suggestions of audiphiles on the matter, unfortunately that first 1 seems to be dead; R.I.P.
Soooooo...that's why Im opening the version 2.0!!!! After the suggestions throwed, the comments posted, the knowledge gained....and the time passed, here we go, to give the next step. This time it wont only be about posting comments, now there will be a poll, you guys, the masters of sound and melodies will be able (and encouraged) to vote for your favourite "contender"

Just as a quick help/reminder of the expectations before we start voting, let me quote myself from the previous thread to remind you the needs, characteristics and examples of uses I will give the system :
Of course, the reason for this question (in case someone cant catch it) as I mentioned at the beggining I want "huge sound" noisy speakers, buuuuttt.....of the contenders for also previously stated reasons, the only ones auditioned by myself were the BeoLab 3.
So here again, guys, your connoisseur/audiophile with more options/experience status comes into play again In your informed opinion (price aside.....for the time being) which set-up would be better for me?
Yes I know about "subjective" "personal opinion" "taste" etc, but overall guys, please in your informed opinion 1 VS the other...WHO FITS "THE BILL" BETTER???

For what its worth, I'll give you some examples of use I will give'em, in case you have already "been there done that" or have the interest-goodwill-compassion for this fellow to try them out and give youa analysis; content they will have to reproduce, examples I hope do help you bring an even better founded opinion, due to the usual use I gave to them & "details" I think can provide with a goodbenchmark test at the same time; before I give the examples 1 last thing, the room where all this will be located will be either 2.5 X 2.5 meters or a 3 X 4 meters room, ok now to the content for playback:


U2- New year's day (due to the eclectic combos in the song and energy, specially the combo guitar-"bells")
U2- Beautiful Day (good vibe and good energetic interpretation)
U2- Magnificent (strong, energetic and at times aggressive notes)
U2- The Fly (good performance strange/mod guitar & FXs)
Michael Jackson- Who is it? (great changes in the song, smooth/subtle start and COOL/deep bass)
Michael Jackson- Smooth Criminal (some good changes in the song, the heart pounding at the start etc)
Alice Cooper- Poison (not many MANY changes all over the song but quite "heavy", energetic, with good highs & Cooper's characteristic voice)
Depeche Mode: Shake the Disease, Everything Counts, Personal Jesus, Enjoy the Silence (for all the variables and distinctions on the songs keyboard and synthesizers sounds )
Aerosmith- Rag Doll (for the good bass and presence of quite other instruments and performance by Tyler)
Top Gun Anthem
John Williams- whatever you want can between Superman, Jurassic Park & Star Wars
Mussorgsky- Great Gates of Kiev
Snow- Informer & Lady with the Red Dress On (yeah the Canadian rapper, serious , specially the "rap" combo with ballad & piano notes in "Lady with...")
Def Leppard- Armaggedon It & Let's get Rocked (again - variables, dynamism and energy in both songs)
Baltimora- Tarzan Boy (oldie but goodie, check how the dance-shake-good vibe shows in the contenders)
The Outfield- Say it isn't so & Your Love (pretty much for a mix between Leppard & Baltimora in how I enjoy'em)
And...I guess I'll leave it at that, I could add Roxette, Journey, Europe, Survivour, Tears for Fears, INXS etc etc, but I think the ones provided are enough varied, disctint and good parameters of things I play in the media player as MUSIC.

Here I really don t have much to say...let me see, perhaps Transformers, IronMan, some StarWars, things that not only should/do sound great for what they "portray" but cause the master was transplanted beautifully to the disc (once again, here you'll know more than me)

The last category, for limitations of my old computer, I haven't been able to play more recent & "enhanced" stuff, but among the parameters I think I can mention DOOM 3, BattleFront 2 and co. Medieval Total War 2 & HAWX, of course theres newer stuff you guys may try to check & compare like Arkham Assylum or GhostBusters, etc.

For this night (or at least this minutes) that would be all, hope I didn't annoyed anyone and hope you find it interesting to give your advice.

Thanks in advance

Ok people, central & side channels, now vote!!! :yesnod: :14:

01-14-2010, 03:47 AM
To whoever voted, THANKS!

But everybody else...C'mmon guys, VOTE!
PLease is not that hard, is it?