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12-23-2009, 03:12 AM
Hi all,
After reading the reviews on BIC I pulled the trigger on an Acoustech setup, PL-89 fronts, PL-28 center and PL-66 rears. Still saving for a PL-200 sub!! All this is powered by a Pioneer SC-27 :) After using a a mix of speakers since we moved and in-wall speakers before that, all I can say is the sound difference is amazing!! I haven't had to turn up the center speaker to hear the sound, voices are loud and clear and the PL-66’s make a big difference over the old Polk surrounds I had been using. We have watched a few Blu-Ray movies and regular TV, I haven’t noticed any of the “brightness” from the horn tweeters as others have.

Eric from sounddistributors helped me out on the order and everything arrived safe and sound even with our little blizzard out here in N. VA.

05-19-2010, 06:33 AM
I was told Special Pricing till end of May, Acousticsounddesign.

Bic Acoustech New Model Platinum Series PL-200 (Black) 1 $329.00 $329.00
No Extended Warranty Ordered

Items Total: $263.20
Shipping Total: $0.00

Order Total: $263.20