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Couch Potato Grouch
12-18-2009, 06:43 AM
I have an opertunity to buy some Energy e:Xl series speakers for $500.00 Canadian
The set includes:
e:XL-26 B-1 - 2 Floor Standing Speakers
e:XL-C2-1 - 1 Centre Speaker
e:XL-R - 2 Rear Bookshelf Speakers
S8.2-1 - 1 Subwoofer
All for $500
I watch more T.V.and Movies than music about 60-40% split
I have a limited amount of cash but am looking to upgrade my Yamaha speakers,
Anyone now anything about theese Energy's? Is this a good deal if the speakers turn out to be in good shape?
Your help would be appreciated

harley .guy07
12-18-2009, 08:25 AM
I am sure that they will sound fine for the money seeing that the whole system is 500 bones but I would make sure that every piece is in good shape and remember that the subwoofer is a smallish sub so smaller rooms would probably be its strong point. I am not sure which yamaha speakers you are running but I believe these speakers will outperform most Yamaha speakers that I know of and I do know that the original price of the front speakers themselves were around 5 to 600 bucks so getting all these for this price does not seem like a bad deal but like I said make sure they are all in excellent shape and do not need repaired or replaced drivers or have any flaws of any kind. other than that I think you could do well with this setup for the money.

Couch Potato Grouch
12-21-2009, 07:11 AM
Thanks harley.
I thought it sounded like a bargoon..
The ad said they were 10 years old, So Im gonna look em over real good,
Thanx again

harley .guy07
12-21-2009, 08:44 AM
Yeah thats why I said look them over because of their age. I also own a canadian made speaker and the speakers from cananda were on top back in the late 90's, Mirage,Energy, and Paradigm were very good speakers in those years. I believe Energy has sold out and since has not made the quality that they were once known for. Mirage has changed too. Paradigm seems to be the only company that has not changed hands and keeps the same quality. But the Energy's you are looking at are quite good for the money you are looking to spend on them. I am not sure what size of room you are going to put these in but the only thing you might want to eventually upgrade is the subwoofer especially if your room is of any sizable dimensions this sub might not be enough if you like the louder rumble on movies but for music playback it should do fine. I think for the money you will be happy with this setup seeing how you are getting it for the price of a home theater in a box system. Good luck