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HoJo Hand
12-15-2009, 08:49 AM
From the Merge site:

In June 2009, Chris Knox suffered a life-altering stroke at his home in Grey Lynn, New Zealand. Stroke: Songs for Chris Knox is a celebration of Chris and his music. Chris Knox was instrumental in bringing New Zealand punk and alternative music to international audiences with Tall Dwarfs, Toy Love and his solo work. Artists from the U.S. (Jeff Mangum, Yo La Tengo, Mountain Goats, Will Oldham, Stephin Merritt, Bill Callahan, Lou Barlow, Jay Reatard), New Zealand (The Bats, The Verlaines, The Chills) and the world over have donated their time & talents covering songs from Knox's extensive catalog so that all proceeds can go toward assisting Chris with his recovery.

Looks like a pretty good lineup. If you preorder the CD now, you get a digital download right away and then the physical product in February or so... or you can just get the digital files at a discount. It's nice that they've made both MP3s (320kpbs) and FLAC available. Here's the full tracklisting:


01 Jay Reatard: "Pull Down the Shades"
02 The Checks: "Rebel"
03 The Bleeding Allstars: "Ain't It Nice"
04 Peter Gutteridge: "Don't Catch Fire"
05 The Chills: "Luck or Loveliness"
06 David Kilgour: "Nothing's Going to Happen"
07 The Crying Wolfs: "All My Hollowness to You"
08 Stephin Merritt: "Beauty"
09 Portastatic: "Nostalgia's No Excuse"
10 The Mint Chicks: "Crush"
11 Jay & Sam Clarkson: "I've Left Memories Behind"
12 Sky Green Leopards: "Burning Blue"
13 Shayne Carter: "The Slide"
14 Pumice: "Grand Mal"
15 Hamish Kilgour: "Knoxed Out"


01 Boh Runga: "Not Given Lightly"
02 Red & Zeke: "Bodies [ft. Bill Doss and Neil Cleary]"
03 Jeff Mangum: "Sign the Dotted Line"
04 Bill Callahan: "Lapse"
05 Genghis Smith: "Growth Spurt"
06 Yo La Tengo: "Coloured"
07 A.C. Newman: "Dunno Much About Life But I Know How to Breathe"
08 Alec Bathgate: "Glide"
09 Don McGlashan: "Inside Story"
10 Sean Donnelly: "The Outer Skin"
11 Lambchop: "What Goes Up"
12 The Mountain Goats: "Brave"
13 The Tokey Tones (and Friends): "Round These Walls"
14 The Bats: "Just Do It"
15 Bonnie "Prince" Billy: "My Only Friend"
16 The Finn Family: "It's Love"
17 Jordan Luck: "Becoming Something Other"
18 The Verlaines: "Driftwood"
19 Lou Barlow: "Song of the Tall Poppy"
20 The Nothing: "Napping in Lapland"
21 Tall Dwarfs: "Sunday Song"

and the link (,

12-16-2009, 05:21 AM
thanks for posting this...I'm excited to check it out and its an easy one to buy cuz its helping out a great guy. I'm a Tall Dwarfs fan-boy so I'll be curious how many of these renditions do justice to the originals - +Chris has one of the better voices out there (if you don't know them yet, he reminds me of a less frenetic David Byrne - his voice that is, their music isn't like anything else really.
here's a favorite video of them from 1983(!) where Chris is playing a Stylophone (!!).

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