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12-06-2009, 04:16 AM
Hello everybody...

I recently bought my first tube amplifier, a Cayin A88T. Like most people do, I read many reviews about tubes and decided to try most of the famous military VT-231s. Started with a pair of Sylvania, then Raytheon, Ken Rad and RCA. Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to find the Tung Sols at a reasonable price (I only found a pair of VT-229 which is exceptional). After many hours of listening I concluded that sellers are asking too much money for tubes that offer too little. The only acceptable pairs, to my ears and my equipment of course, were the Ken Rads and the Sylvanias. Tubes with quite opposite sound characteristics but both good. I've paid so far 70 euro for the Sylvania, 80 for Raytheon, 45 for Ken Rad and 40 for RCA, only to find that the best pair (for me) was the...1953's 28euro Sylvania 6SN7GT Chrome Dome! I' am a newbie in tube amplifiers so I would like to read the opinion of advanced and more experienced users. Is this story about the VT-231s a hype???

Thanks in advance...

6419 Cayin Setup

6420 VT/231s