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12-02-2009, 05:15 PM

I moved into a new construction 6 years ago and could only afford two speakers. I am now adding speakers to the living room but the speakers that were used at the time are no longer available. Below are their specs. Could someone please tell me what an equivalent speaker would be? I am clueless on speakers. (although I get wiring).

The signal to the speakers will be CAT5 via ABUS
a-bus dot com
although this should be invisible to the speaker itself.

Also, could you recommend what would be an upgrade to this basic speaker. If I were to buy two more I might go with a better model.

Thanks !

Outdated Speakers:
HomeTech HT603R
Construction: 2-Way
Connectivity: Cable
Peak Power Handling: 100 Watt
Frequency Reponse: 50 Hz - 20000 kHz
Impedance: 8 ohm
Magnetic Shielding: Not Magnetically Shielded
Woofer Material: Anodized Alluminium
Woofer Size: 6.5"
Tweeter Size: 0.75"
Outdoor/Indoor: Indoor
Mounting: In-wall / Ceiling
Exterior Color: White
Width: 9.75 in.
Height: 9.75 in.
Attractive, paintable grilles mount flush to your ceiling to conceal speakers that fill the room with big sound, not big boxes. Pivoting tweeters let you aim high frequencies for best sound.


12-07-2009, 03:21 PM
23 people read this post, no comments?

Any thoughts please... maybe I am making this harder than it should be...what ceiling speakers should I buy....?



harley .guy07
12-07-2009, 04:20 PM
there are plenty of companies making ceiling speakers and I would look at build quality and driver quality plus how much power you will be powering them with. Parts Express sells quite a few models of ceiling speakers and then if you are wanting something higher end there are companies that specialize in in wall and ceiling speakers like Sonance, I believe that is their specialty is speakers for the in wall and ceiling installations but I don't know what your budget is but they are pretty expensive but every review I have seen on them seem to be great. I would go to their web site and check them out and see if there is a dealer in your area. Crutchfield sells klipsch ceiling speakers and other brands as well if that helps but I would say you could find them cheaper by shopping around. I hope this gives you a little help in your mission. And yes yoy could upgrade over what you have right know but it all depends ono how much you want to spend and how much power and the quality of power you use to drive them.