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11-24-2009, 01:51 AM
:16: helllllo

My name is Sammy or Sam i am from the Gold COast Australia.

I love music :14: ,

I have 2 separate systems. I like to rotate around since my gear is from the 80s.

System Computer Drive New A
AMP : Technics SU-V8X, Technics SU-V4X
CD : Marantz CD60SE (modified), Marantz CD65DX (modified)
Tuner: Techncis ST-610, ST-G3
Turntable: Techncis SL-5210 (Nagaoka MP11 cartridge)
Peerless Speakers with Vifa tweeters - speaker boxes wired with Supra Ply3.4

Interconnects used Supra Dual, Atlas Equator MKII, Merlin Bach, Jaycar for the rest

System Class AA
AMP: Technics SU-V85A ( HDT - friend modifed it, i also added speaker cable and Supra LoRad power cable), Techncis SU-G50
CD: Sony CDP-761E, Phillips CD850MKII, Technics SL-P350
Tuner: Technics ST-K50
Speakers : Jensen AVX-17 (supra Ply3.4S throughout the box)

Interconnects used Atlas Equator MK1, Atlas Equator Superior, Jaycar for the rest

harley .guy07
11-24-2009, 07:18 AM
Your using some vintage stuff. Thats cool and you are running some diy speakers with peerless and vifa drivers, two of the most popular driver companies for diy. Actually its all tymphany brand now but still its cool that theres another 2 channel guy out there. I have been thinking of ditching my theater gear and going back to 2 channel to get away from that constant battle to have to upgrade equipment every other year to decode another dolby or dts format that comes out with a new one every other year and makes you upgrade and change processors or receivers. not cool and I think a waste of money and time. Don't get me wrong I still think home theater is fun but I listen to music primarily and 2 channel is a better format for that in most cases

11-24-2009, 08:24 AM
I see that you like Technics a lot! They have very nice amplifiers and tuners. You have good gear and I guess it sounds great! Separates is always better than just a regular receiver. It would be better if you get equalizer. They will make the sound even better than you have it now! When I used Technics(long time ago) I had it regular like you but a friend told me to get the equalizer and once I got them, I could feel the difference in the sound 100 times.

11-24-2009, 12:58 PM
Hi Harley,
It was orginally a Technics SB-2735 speaker box, but i changed all the drivers ( sold them on ebay - all were in great condition for the age), new crossovers, new drivers, new back with dual ports :) sounds great the mods. I prefer 2 channel since i liste to music mainly, sure dolby would be fun for the cinema experience at home, but as u said the technology changes all the time :D

Hey Dakata,
Yes i love Technics !! Awesome amps tuners etc. Sounds awesome. I would love that touch screen Techncis equalizer, i forget the model but yeah it looks super cool :D Thanks for the heads up about the equalizer

11-24-2009, 01:04 PM
It looks good man! Fill up the empty space at the tope with some more components. Technics makes also silver amplifiers and they look very cool! Check on ebay, they have great deals on equalizer. The speakers you have look very good. Do you have the front grills/covers?

By the way, where do you keep this system because I see bricks on the back?

11-24-2009, 01:16 PM
heya :D
Yes there is room for more, Sony deck is now gone. I feel like collecting more Technics, i had a beautiful old vintage SU-7300 (silver) i now regret i sold her, for a non-classA amp, it sounded great - played the cd through the tape connections, bass was really deep. 99.9 % collect is from ebay. My turntable came all the way from Florida USA, as did the SU-V85A ( on the other system). I have no covers for trhe speakers so when not in use i cover them with sheets. Sound great the speakers !!! :D

The lounge is more like a sound lounge room, since the speakers are rear vented i keep them about 10"'from the brick wall, haha and i squeeze up the back to change the speaker cables over when i listen to another amp.

11-24-2009, 01:28 PM
I see you are an ebay guy also! That is good, I buy and sell on ebay too! Here in US we use craigslist also which sometimes is better than ebay! I still have my cassette deck!

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11-25-2009, 12:42 PM
^love the cassette deck, beautiful silver V8X on ebay, in the US. Ive searched Graigslist, some real bargins found there, i can recall seeing a SU-G50 for 45$ US with matching tuner, great buy, lovely sounding little amp. I got my marantz cd player from the UK, again ebay...hahaa i buy more than i sell.