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11-14-2009, 07:04 PM
I am just totally blown away by these cables. I've had these playing in my system for about 4 days now and have less that 100 hours on them. They, the Engineers at A+ say they sound good out of the box but it take 300 hours to fully break them in. I'm now wondering how much better they can sound. I purchased these cables not ever hearing them but I did read the online reviews from audiophiles consumers and professionals and I did not read one bad review about the cables. The interconnect cables range from $58 to $1.365.00. I purchased 3 pair of the "Oval ones" which retail for $100 a pair. I hoped that the reviews would not let me down because I had not listened to, nor did I know anybody who had heard this brand of cable. So I decided to purchase and hoped for the best. To my ears, these cables are out standing in my system. But the problem is I have nothing to really compare these cables to other than monopriced cables. These things are miles ahead of monopriced and I too think they surpass the BlueJeanCables, but I could be wrong without a side by side shootout. But what I can tell you is what joy there is in my system now as apposed to before I got the A+

When I first got my system, I thought it lacked that next level of high end audio sound. I always thought because it was only Rotel separates and only mid fi at best that it was as good as it was going to get. My speakers where only mid fi at best, only Canton Bookshelf speaker and they could get no better right? Boy was I wrong. I can tell all those who don't have the pricey high end gear that your system can reach its potential if you have decent gear and add even better accessories to it. My Amp is a very decent amp that retails for about $1000, My preamp for about $1200, my SACDP for about $700, my CDP close to about $3000 , speakers about $800, and sub about $1200 So its no high end system at all. midfi at best.

The first thing I did for a better audiophile sound was elevate my CDP and SACDP up off the platform with some small home made ceramic block, about an inch and a half and it improved the sound to where the sound stage became fuller, wider, deeper. The highs became clearer and the bass more robust. It was a very noticeable improvement to the overall sound of my system.

Having what I believed to be a very capable core in my amp and preamp, not to big in the bottom end and not to bright, but more of a little on the warm side of neutral, I decided I could probably use a better CDP than the Rotel CDP. I felt that I could spend a little more money on a player that would read more information than the mid fi Rotel CDP. My good friend Mr. Peabody had no idea he had come at the right time with good news about the discontinued Musical Fidelity players that where being sold at about 1/4 of the original price. Mr. Peabody had said he had never heard one of their players, So I decided to jump on that deal after reading all the online reviews. What a blessing it was to get this CDP. Not only was it sorta warm and tube like in sound, it had great synergy with the Rotel gear. And I had already had the Marantz SACDP which is warm as well and has very good synergy with my system. The Canton speakers looked ok from the pictures I had seen online but I had never heard them either, but decided to take the chance. So I read all the online reviews about these speakers and had read some bad reviews and many of them where conflicting. Some said they where to bright, others said they lacked sparkle and where dark, others said the cherry finish was ugly. But I decided to try them because of the new soft dome tweets and if they where that bad, I had a 30 day window to send them back. I got the speakers and right out of the box they where beautful with the real cherry wood finish but sounded bright and harsh and had to much bottom end, but I understood this was because they where a product that needed broken in. After playing them day and night they did settle down and started to sound good. I purchsed some very good solid speaker stands and some 12 gauge speaker wire and my system was sounding good, that is....until I started hanging out with Mr. Peabody. His system became the judgment bar. I mean his system sounded so good I was like man, I've got to spend some good money to have that sound he has. So I was like, I need new speakers.

I then began to think about system interconnects and new speaker wire. But I had no idea what effect this would have on my system. I had already been doing research on cables, and Mr.Peabody said there was a local salesman in St. Louis who sells out of his home and he had analysis cables. Now I had seen A+ cables online before and read up on them a bit, but when Mr.Peabody said something about them, I decided to take a closer look and finally decided to take another chance at buying something I had never heard,nor knew anybody who had heard them. Even the guy whom I purchased them from had not heard the interconnects. I liked the idea of a hollow center and what all that meant, and the fact that the guys who designed them where first scientist, mathematicians,and engineers who did the research and did not rely on theory but scientific results to build what they believed to be a better cable. They first started in pro audio with guitar cables and then started in the audiophile side of things. So I got the cable, the low end of what they sell...not the lowest but what I thought was enough for cable. I got three pair. One pair to go between the amp and preamp, and one pair each to go between the X-Ray CDP and the Marantz SACDP. This little simple thing totally transformed my mid-fi system to a new level. the sound was clearer, the bottom end is better, and the soundstage is greater. The sound that is coming out of my book shelves have greater separation and air. I discovered that I had a harshness in my speakers before and that the monopriced cables colored the sound of my system. I've noticed that now I have a more balance sound from top to bottom, and before I did not have that. I am very pleased with the A+ cables. It seems they have taken my simple mid-fi up a notch.

So for all of you who have midfi, and think you cant get sound thats on another level, you can. Find some tweeks you can do, and by al means, get some good cable in your system. Try and get all of the same able if you can. It could be the missing link in your system that's preventing you from enjoying your system. I cant wait to get home from work just to sit in my easy chair with my remote. My next purchase will be the A+ speaker wires. I am totally satisfied with my sytem for now.


Mr Peabody
11-14-2009, 08:16 PM
Congrads on trying better cables, you are benefiting from taking that step. I've been telling people on this forum for years to at least try better cables. Some here already do, some refuse to try and many want to go the other direction wanting to put cheap cables with gear costing hundreds of dollares. Don't make sense to me why some one wouldn't at least try if there was potential for improvement.. Your experience mirrors my own several years ago when I bought my first Krell amp. I was using what I thought was decent cable, the guys lent me some Transparent to try and I was shocked at the improvement. As you say it can take a system up to an entirely better level.

With all that said, of course, it does depend on the level of gear being used and not all cables are created equally and will yield benefit with all gear. So I stop short of saying absolute in lieu of trying to get people to at least just try.

This is why I feel Blue Jeans really filled a void. They offer real improvement at a more reasonable price. There are better but for twice the money. BJC meets the needs of those who can benefit from good cables but may not benefit from all a more expensive cable can do.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing the A+

11-15-2009, 11:19 AM
I know how frustrating and then surprising a cable change can affect your audio system. Long story short, I found the kind of positive affect you are currently experiencing when I bought the Chord Carnival Silver Screen speaker wire for my 2 channel system earlier this year.

For what it's worth, I have used the A+ sub oval interconnect for my RBH HT sub. I also bought that A+ sub cable based on reviews and have not felt a need to compare it to another brand. I've been quite happy with the A+ for several years now and you probably will be happy with you A+ purchase for a really long time.

11-15-2009, 11:13 PM
I've not done much experimentation with cables. I've pretty much just stuck with entry level Audioquest so far... But I've heard so many glowing reviews for analysis plus (and quite a few bad user reviews for Audioquest) that I think I'll have to give them a try someday...

Nice to hear you're enjoying the Rotel/MF combo... I previously owned a Rotel RC1070 Pre, RB1080 Power and Marantz CD5001 combo, so I know what you mean when you talk about the good balance between a Rotel/Marantz combo... I also spent a lot of time auditioning the MF X-Series V8 and am certain the CD player would work well with Rotel Amplification... Congratulations... I'm always happy to hear members enjoying their new toys...

11-16-2009, 02:18 AM
Frenchy, with your ongoing pursuit of the finest connects, have you tried any DIY?

JoeSP9 gave me a couple of sites and I think I am going to try to buld some silver core. It just looks so easy. Apparently they have a bright trait, but I would like to see for myself.

I had been looking and salivating at the Kimber display at my local shop, but then Joe gave me this good lead. We'll see if I can't stick it to Kimber and their squillion dollar cables.

I have been trying to get out to price everything that's needed. I think the silver itself is where the real cost lies. If you are interested I can let you know once I find out. I'm pretty sure I'll post once I've made a set or two.

harley .guy07
11-16-2009, 08:51 AM
Good site. Very cool. The real thing you are paying for with a lot of higher end cables is the braiding of the cable strands, the sealed termination of the wires to the connectors, and of course the name that is printed on the cables. about 15 years ago when I sold higher end audio and theater equipment XLO was the brand that we sold to our higher end clients and some of their cables were just out of this world in the price tag department. I know that their cables were great and they did make a huge difference but there has to be a way to get that kind of performance at a price that cheaper than your teen age kids first car. I just think its crazy to spend that much money of cables. Now thats not to say that spending good money on cables is a bad thing, Just don't go stupid with it. I mean I have seen cables out there that are more expensive than my whole system. I have a set of XLO cables that retailed for a few hundred bucks back in the mid nineties and they do sound good but I have compared them to my monster cable 10 guage with dayton sealed terminations and in most cases the differences are very very small but they are there. But I have approx 40 bucks in the monsters with Dayton gold plated sealed bannana connectors and the retail price of the XLO's that I have are around 400 bucks. So I guess it all depends on if your willing to spend a lot more money for small differences. And this is just one comparison, The Monsters that I built are probably way better than most cables in their price range so thats why the differences are minor.

11-16-2009, 09:23 AM
I think when it hits "stupid", it's probably time to look at making your own. I watched the guys at my local shop making a set of Kimber's for a client. Without all the details, I was trying to add up the cost, leaving out labour I started to lose track around 450/500 bucks.

For the ease of it and with all the knowledge readily available I can't see why anyone wouldn't DIY. You've hit it on the head harley, most of the cash is for a name. It's like paying to be part of a club. Well club Kimber can kiss my azz!!

I had my mind set on the silver core but did you check out the Belden set? I know the conductivity of that Belden coaxial is supposed to be the bomb. I got linked from the DIY site to a great Canadian supplier. They have all the components, priced well. I will also look around locally and see if I can "poor man" anything without losing quality or image. I want these to look nice too because at club Chubby, image matters.

11-16-2009, 11:14 AM
pappaC....I have a few DIY projects but its in crown molding and other stuff like that. I would rather stay away from audio DIY. I did build my own ceramic blocks to get my two CDPs off of the platform, but thats about it. Between all that I have to do when I get home from work and work itself, I would rather just have my audio waiting for me. Its my way of winding down. But I do have a set of silver connects and yes you are right, they are transparent and very bright in the highs and hardly no bottom end. It seems to me silver cables are for those who have darker sounding gear.

Mr Peabody
11-16-2009, 03:41 PM
Poppa I respect you wanting to do things yourself but for $450.00 you can buy some very good cables. Actually, I've never spent that much yet except for the pair of RCA's i needed to be 2 meters. My Siltech has some trace of silver but it's a blend not pure silver.

I've only heard one pair of Ixos and did not like the sound at all, in comparison to the other cables being listened to at the time Ixos appeared bright with weak bottom end, so don't base your opinion on cables solely on that experience. It appears a few members on the board are wising up to the benefit of better cables. Although I pretty much agree you can get very good results without going broke I won't discount ultra expensive cables either, I think the cables have to match the gear. If I had a $15k amp from Krell or CJ etc. with all the accompanying gear we could find the ultra expensive are a benefit. It wouldn't make sense to use those same cable on Adcom, Rotel or even my level of gear. I won't say absolutely either because I've never had the opportunity to play with that type of gear and cable. I've heard some expensive gear just never in the position to suggest switching this or that around.

11-16-2009, 03:56 PM
Sure, I'm not taking away from anyone who wants to buy expensive cables. Frenchy made a good point about labouring.

For what would cost 450 bucks I think I can make for about $200. Up and up it goes. The more you spend retail, the better I make my DIY cable yet stay well under your price point.

To me it just makes good sense. This is one area where I can stick it to manufacturers. I am unable to make an amp, turntable or CDP. These items I must bow and pay what they ask. But the cables is a different bag...

11-16-2009, 04:08 PM
I think the cables have to match the gear. If I had a $15k amp from Krell or CJ etc. with all the accompanying gear we could find the ultra expensive are a benefit. It wouldn't make sense to use those same cable on Adcom, Rotel or even my level of gear.

Agreed. While a $500 pair of 0.5M interconnects would be ridiculous on a NAD C315/515 Combo ($650 total), a $2K pair of cables would probably not be out of place on a $50K Integrated Amp. While I've always maintained that cables are the last thing I worry about, I think it's silly to spend crazy money on electronics (in an attempt to squeeze out that last degree of articulation and detail) but use the cheapest cables possible. Weakest Link Theory, I suppose....

Mr Peabody
11-16-2009, 04:18 PM
One other question is $450.00 for one set of cables or more? If one the expense seems to be a bit out of proportion to your gear.

11-16-2009, 05:08 PM
One other question is $450.00 for one set of cables or more? If one the expense seems to be a bit out of proportion to your gear.

450 was a number you quoted and I used as an example.

Poppa I respect you wanting to do things yourself but for $450.00 you can buy some very good cables.

No, you're right, and that's the beautiful thing. My gear only requires a certain level of interconnect. With DIY cables I can make the best cable for my gear for a fraction of the cost. In my case, that cost will be super low.

JoeE SP9
11-16-2009, 05:56 PM
I have a PDF file from Jon Risch with detailed instructions including pictures for making IC's using Belden 89259. It has step by step instructions with lots of illustrations. The cables are covered in TechFlex and look really good. The TechFlex makes any cable look very high end (expensive). The techniques can be applied to any cable. If anyone wants a copy PM me with an email address to send it to.

PS: It's only 361K so it's not large.

11-17-2009, 08:42 AM
Mr.Peabody, I know you don't like the XLO Cables any way, but Wylie said that he had been using $500 dollar XLO cables in his systems. I gave him a set of my Analysis Plus cables to break in with his machine and to have a shoot out with his cables. He said he and his wife preferred the Analysis Plus cables better than the $500 XLO's. He said he was going to sell off his stock of XLO's and only sell the Analysis Plus cables. He said they where much more smoother and warmer, the same conclusions I came up with. I discovered what I thought was a sorta explosive soft dome tweeter in my Canton speakers was really the cable I had been using. The A+ cables smoothed it out and the highs really sound good and clear now. So Wylie and I both think the Analysis Oval One Cables seem to be good on the highs. I can also report that my system has a more balance sound....its not just the highs that where more defined and smooth, it's the bass as well. Before my bottom end was lacking and I would use the sub more, but the Oval ones seemed to fix that problem as well. So if the "Oval one" @ a little less or a little more than $100 depending on where you buy them, can whip a $500 set of audiophile cables, that tells me a lot. I mean Wylie has been at this audio stuff from the 50's so I think he knows what he is talking about. I told him I may come and pick up my cable Saturday...if so, I may ask you to come along as well.


11-17-2009, 09:36 AM
Sorry to jack your thread frenchy! What cables are you actively using right now? Name your favorite and I will try to construct a similar DIY. Since you have a high regard for IC's, and clearly a good ear to perceive differences, I will send you a pair...on the house.

If they aren't to your liking, send them back. I'll need a few test runs since I am new to this.

11-17-2009, 01:51 PM
Sorry to jack your thread frenchy! What cables are you actively using right now? Name your favorite and I will try to construct a similar DIY. Since you have a high regard for IC's, and clearly a good ear to perceive differences, I will send you a pair...on the house.

If they aren't to your liking, send them back. I'll need a few test runs since I am new to this.

Cool poppaC.....I have the Analysis Plus "Oval One" interconnects. But it will be very hard to construct that cable. The reason why they are called "Oval" is because the have a hallow oval shape as the core and the wire itself is on the out side of the owval core. If ywou want to read uwp on this go to their web site. .I will gladly compair yours to the "Oval one" I have.


11-17-2009, 03:19 PM
Over the years I have tried a number of DIY cables and found that (Gasp!) the result was largely controlled by the quality of materials used.

My last attempt was to use a foamed Teflon insulation in a three wire weave (3 meters of foamed Teflon per cable) Cardas' best silver wire and Cardas' best RCA jacks. This combination ended up at about $350 for two 1 meter cables if I remember correctly. I got my tubing from VH_Audio, they also have some cable recipes. labor was quite extensive. If you do make your own do not forget to remove the machining oils from your nice expensive connectors before use.

The sound was quite good but a bit bright for my taste. Good copper wire did remove the brightness but resulted in a midrange that was veiled or muddled. If you have any audiophile friends nearby, swap cables with each other this can be quite eye opening for no cost.

So my moral is that good DIY ables will come close to quality commercial cables in cost. Buying used or very careful internet shopping will typically match the DIY price for a given quality.

In my opinion cable cost should be about 20% of system cost. Sounds high but good quality commercial cables are just not cheap. This is only true if cables are a weak link, the best cables will do little to improve the sound of Radio Shack cheap speakers.

I ended up with Cardas Golden Presence interconnects and Cardas large gauge Litz wire for my speakers. The end result is most pleasing to my ears.

Mr Peabody
11-17-2009, 04:19 PM
Hermanv, what did you ever do with that pair I tried? I still have my Krell 500i and probably will keep it, the silver cables you sent to try was the best I've ever heard with the Krell. Oddly, the only gear I preferred it with but it was magic in combo with the Krell. If you still have them in that original form maybe shoot me and email with an offfer.

11-18-2009, 09:26 AM
email sent under separate cover