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11-13-2009, 07:55 AM
Mr. Peabody, the Analysis Plus cable to me are outstanding cables. I have a third pair still at Wylie's and he is breaking them in on his breakin machine. He says it takes about three days. He wants to listen to the cables to see if they are all the hype as advertised . He explained to me, the guys who make the cables are not audiophiles but scientist and engineers who don't go on theory but scientific facts. They use this design where the cable is wrapped around a hollow core to keep the strands of wire separated from one another for a better transient, and transparent effect. He said this can also be bad for a system that has lots of flaws as it will come through the cables.

Most of Analyst Plus business is in pro audio equipment such as guitar amps and guitar cables and stuff like that. I thought the cable was a big improvement over what I had, and if my memory serves me right, it even surpasses that of the BluejeanCable. But I want a second opinion and sense Wylie is a dealer and had to order it, I suggest that he keep the third pair, break it in, and compare it to the other high end cable he has used over the years. He has never used the A+ connects, but he does use the speaker cables and he loves them. I will be ordering the speaker cables as well. My whole system is going to be Analysis Plus wired. It sounds very good in my system. He said his hearing is not as good as it once was being 71 years old, but he would love to test the cables in his system. So I'll be happy to get his professional opinion concerning the Analysis Plus cables.

I'll be at your house to do a shoot out with cables in about 8 days. I'm wanting to see if this cable is as good as I think or if my mind is playing tricks on me. So bring out the Blue Jean Cable, Siltech Cables, Transparent Cables, and Tributaries so we can see how the Analysis Plus with it's hollow center stacks up with the big boys. They sound really good in my system, I wonder what they will sound like with your Conrad-johnson, Krell, and Emotiva. I already know they did very well with my Marantz, Musical Fidelity, Adcom, and Rotel. Next is Wylies opinion with his Vincent tube CDP, Parasound Halo A21 and Parasound Halo P3, and Galo Reference Strada speakers . Then the cable shoot-out.


11-13-2009, 11:08 AM
I'm looking forward to the results.

Mr Peabody
11-13-2009, 05:02 PM
The A+ should be better than the BJC. What was suggested retail on the A+ one meter? I'd be surprised if they are better than the Siltech but you never know.

11-13-2009, 08:09 PM
Yes please post results. Should be very interesting.

I was hoping to post a bit of a cable shootout myself soon. It would be between the Granite Audio #470, the MicroPurl, BJC. But since I only have 1 GA#470 and 1 MicroPurl I was waiting to get in my K701 headphones to test with those and with the larger system.

At this point my assumption is the BJC will bring out the bass, the GA#470 bring out a bit less bass but more soundstage and detail, and the MicroPurls a higher harsher sound. So far that is what they've all been doing.

I've got about 3hrs in on the K701 and will need much more before the cans stabilize to the point of being fair in a shootout.

11-14-2009, 01:00 AM
Mr. Peabody. The retail on the Analysis Plus "Oval One" which is the cable I have is $100.

11-14-2009, 01:00 PM
The A+ should be better than the BJC. What was suggested retail on the A+ one meter? I'd be surprised if they are better than the Siltech but you never know.

The Analysis Plus cables I have are only $100 cables @ 1meter. So the Siltech New Newyorker Pr that you have should be better by a long shot being about $300-$400 cables @ 1meter. I would think the Analysis Solo Crystal Oval Interconnects $410 @ 0.5meter or the COPPER OVAL-IN MICRO Interconnects $315 @ 1meter would be better to match against the Siltech. But I still want to see how much the $100 Oval Ones match up with the New Yorker Pr.