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10-25-2009, 01:53 PM
Hey guys im new here and maybe someone could help me out with a simple issue. i just purchased a pair of advent speakers from a nice old gentleman that look like bookshelf style speakers. i checked them out and they sound great but i cant find a model number anywhere on them. i would like to find out more about them but without some type of identification im at a loss. any ideas. any info would be greatly appreciated

harley .guy07
10-25-2009, 02:21 PM
If you could take a picture of them and post it on this site I am sure someone will be able to tell you about them. there are a lot of fans of the older Advent speakers on this site so with a picture I'm sure someone will know.

10-25-2009, 02:53 PM
Congratulations it sounds like you may have scored a pair of older Advents. The two most prized by vintage speaker collectors are The Large Advent which date from the early to mid-seventies time frame and are also known "Original Large Advents" or OLA's. These are usually fairly easily to identify because the woofers had a masonite ring around them though not all. The other set of Advents that are well thought of were introduced in or around 1978 and are referred to as New Large Advents or NLA's.

If you pull the grills off you can usually see a date inked on the front of the tweeter which can help you date them and determine which version you have. Also if you just do a basic web search using the terms Original Large Advent or New Large Advent you should be able to find some photos that can help id yours.

In the meantime here are a few pics of my Original Large Advents which might help.

10-25-2009, 03:47 PM
Yeah BUTCHALEA give us a picture and we will try to discover the mysterious model! :)