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10-22-2009, 12:52 PM
My home:
Main level:Living Room, Family Room, Kitchen
Upper Level: 4 BRs
Basement, finished with those removable ceiling tiles (?)

My Current setup:
In my family room, Harman Kardon CP-35 HTiB with 7.1 capability. Only 5.1utilized. Very satisfactory HTiB. Receiver is multi room, not HDMI. A dual room Dish network receiver that controls TV in family room and single TV in my Bedroom.

My ultimate goal:

Have speaker in ceilings in all BRs, Family Room Living Room and Kitchen (Zones?)
Have multiple source of music (CDs, My PC, Radio, iPod etc)
Ability to control master sound from one Source(primary receiver?)
Ability to override sound in individual zone/room?
Ability to play music from different source in different room (zone?)
A standalone Home Theater in Basement, Projector or TV.

What would it take? I am not a tech person-but just a dude with some goals.
Can I do it on my own?
Where do I start? How do I start?

10-23-2009, 08:37 AM
is this new construction, renovation, addition being added?
if none of the above, take a look at Sonos, you maybe able to handle that system on your own but If you want more capabilities from the system you should start by:
Define your budget, this will save alot of time by limiting the systems that only meet your requirements
determine which rooms( zones) require full control, critical listening, or can some of them be combined, deleted
How do you want to control system, keypads, remotes, PC, iPhone, or a mix of these. Keep in mind that "ease of operation" is key for your enjoyment of any system but that also have a higher cost factor as well
There's alot more that can be involved with what you want to do but I think your best course of action is to seek out guidance from local custom integrators in your area

02-03-2010, 10:45 AM
Hey people, looking for a receiver , amp ( what is it i'm looking for ? )
I want to listen to two or three diff sources from a central location.
I have 8 ohm pairs of speakers with impedance matching volume controls in 3 rooms.
I would like to be able to listen to
ex. radio in 1 room
Ipod in 2nd room
cd in third room

All at the same time
Is this possible what kind of unit can do this
All speaker wiring goes to central location and branches out to th 3 rooms separately

can you help?: