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03-25-2004, 10:34 AM
I recently picked up a component CD burner which I've been quite happy with. I've been recording on CD RWs and transfering to CDRs on the computer with Goldwave. For the first time last night, I started playing with the pop/click removal filter. I was wondering if anyone else here has used it, and what you set it at. I tried it twice, once at the setting it was on at start-up, which didn't seem to do much of anything, and at 500, which is the max recommended setting. (the higher the number the lower the setting, if you know what I mean) It got all the pops out, but also added in some distortion in places.

I can do without using it quite happily. I listen to them as is regularly anyway, and it's only an issure on a few of my records. Still, just curious if anyone has any experience with this function, and if they have used it to successfully get rid of pops without messing up the sound in other ways. If not, I'll just do without it on everything but some old 78s I want to transfer and a few really crappy old records.