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10-16-2009, 03:37 PM
the best $3 i EVER spent on music. well, maybe on cd. however, this was a real surprise. just GREAT playing by all the musicians but especially milcho.

the leviev/slon quartet-live at vartan jazz: jive sambas,1.jpg Jive Sambas
1. Jive Samba (
2. Freddie Freeloader
3. Blue Bossa
4. Seven Steps To Heaven
5. Equinox
6. Jordu
7. Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me ( e.mp3)
8. Nardis
9. Nefertiti
10. Bernie's Tune
11. Milestone

i dont know what the technique is called when the pianist reaches inside the piano and manipulates and strums the strings but it is used to great effect here. all of the musicians are quite inventive on the music played here which is a tour de force in jazz.

why it was priced at three bucks is beyond me but i am just as happy because i love a bargain. i was nearly as 'jazzed' when i snagged a cd called "our theory" featuring erik truffaz. another innovative disc.

for one reason or another there is no listing in amg for this live at vartan.

its a live recording but well recorded and exceedingly enjoyable. HIGHLY rercommended.

10-17-2009, 08:15 AM
What was the disk?

10-17-2009, 08:53 AM
duuuuhhh! i knew what i was talking about but didnt identify it. its not in amg but if you google it, it will come up.