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10-04-2009, 12:19 PM

I have a near mint pair of Studio Ribbon Array's with the feet, original passive crossovers (removed), DAX Active Crossover System w/PS, and Symo 8 foot speaker cables (one pair per speaker for biamp. What would they be worth if I was interested in selling them? I have custom made solid wood shipping crates with foam interiors, one for each speaker and a third for the crossovers/stands as well that would allow me to safely ship them anywhere in the world. I am an expert packer/shipper with the eBay feedback to prove it. Any help you could offer would be appreciated!

The rest of the system consists of a pair of Classe Audio Fifteen Amps, Pass Aleph P (remote) Preamp, Krell CD Transport/Processor, Ampex AG-440 Reel to Reel, Mark Levinson 390S CD Processor, and a McIntosh MR 78 Tuner.

Any estimates or recent sales would be a great help. Although, I am sure that in an auction on eBay they would go to the moon, I would like some idea of what to expect.



10-04-2009, 09:11 PM
If you go to AudioGon they have a blue book system - that will tell you what the items are worth. If you know the original sale price - and the product is out of warranty then cut whatever the original price was in half. $4,000 new - it's $2000 at best with no warranty. SS amplifiers drop much faster than Tube amps. The exception is if the product's name is still going and that product's price keeps rising. For example. A Sugden A21a in 1992 sold for about $1500. The Amplifier is still selling but goes now for about $3,000. So it is very possible to sell the 1992 Sugden for $1500 to the glee of owners. However they're also not at all likely to find a better amp on the market for $1500.

I would ask high - used gear is worth whatever someone will pay. I went to a car dealer who was asking $8888 for the car. I paid $5k. And since they agreed within 2 hours of discussions - I probably paid $1500 too much. But hey lots of other people would have paid $6k - $7k - you just never know.

You certainly have the "names" that audiophiles are aware of so that helps your cause a lot.

The speakers might be tougher only because the market is less aware of them or the modifications - it requires a deeper knowledge of Apogee specifically - I would suggest you ask the folks on the planar forum of Audio Asylum.com It's possible someone will PM you with an offer if it is desirable. I passed on a mint condition Apogee Scintilla that retailed for $700. Someone else would have snapped it up without a second thought and paid an extra $100 for the "oh my lucky day" kind of feeling.

10-05-2009, 10:20 PM
Your already in the Apogee Forum, forget the rest.


PS: Forget the Planar Asylum as well.