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09-23-2009, 05:41 AM
I just got an e-mail from Amazon announcing a two cd release of live an previously unreleased tracks from Mr. Sandman and company. I'll prolly be pre-ordering today as it won't be available until October 6th. My wife was a huge fan, so it will make her day when that shows up in our mailbox.

Product Description
Singer Mark Sandman coined the phrase "low rock" to describe the sonorous, languid groove he created with the acclaimed Boston band Morphine. This 34 song, two-disc collection contains all previously unissued studio tracks, alternate takes, and live performances, and takes its name from the line Sandman used to kick off most shows, "We are Morphine at your service." The music spans the group's entire career and features founding members Sandman (two-string slide bass, vocals),Dana Colley (saxophone), original drummer Jerome Deupree, and his successor, Billy Conway.

Track Listings

Disc 1

1. At Your Service
2. Come Over
3. Come Along
4. It's Not Like That Anymore
5. Patience (Alternate Version)
6. Call Back
7. Bye Bye Johnny
8. Hello Baby
9. Women R Dogs
10. You're An Artist (Alternate Version)
11. 5:09
12. Liliah II
13. Moons Of Jupiter
14. Lunch In Hell
15. Imaginary Song
16. Shadow (I Know You Part 5)

Disc 2

1. Good (Live - WMBR 92)
2. Only One (Live - WMBR 92)
3. Shoot Em Down (Live - WMBR 92)
4. Saddest Song (Live - WMBR 92)
5. Claire (Live - WMBR 92)
6. I Had My Chance (Alternate Version)
7. Buena (Alternate Version)
8. Empty Box (Alternate Version)
9. All Wrong (Alternate Version)
10. Put It Down (Wo-Oh) (Live - WMBR 93)
11. Free Love (Live - WMBR 93)
12. Sexy Christmas Baby Mine (Live - WMBR 93)
13. Scratch (Live - WMBR 93)
14. Super Sex (Live - WMBR 93)
15. Radar (Live - WMBR 93)
16. I d Catch You
17. The Night (Alternate Version)
18. Take Me With You (Alternate Version)
19. Shade (I Know You Part 4)

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Finch Platte
09-23-2009, 08:02 AM
Cool. Thanks for the info.

FYI, I've got a mix available for DL over at Obner that has some stuff on it- unreleased tracks, radio cuts, etc.

Here. ( You'll notice that the last post in the thread mentions the same release you did.