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09-05-2009, 07:52 PM
I had a nice story written all written out about what I did this afternoon, but I started to get bored with it while writing it so I figure everyone else would as well. So, I do what I do best, get to the point.

I got that Sony PS-X45 TT you see. It comes with RCA interconnect cables integrated into it. The ones this one had are old and busted. Thin and corroded. I figure I'd replace them.

Opened up the TT to have a look inside. The interconnects are spliced and then soldered to a circuit board.

I figure I could do that. I'd can put better cables on. I had those $3 mono price cables that are thicker, new, and gold plated.

Cut the heads off them. Go through a couple screws up of getting the plastic coating off to get to the goodness inside. Finally figure out slicing with a blade the long way, and pealing off worked best.

So took the new MonoPrice interconnects made them look like the Sony PS-X45 ones.

Unsolder the current ones, had a ***** ass time getting the new ones in cause the holes on the circuit board were so small. Finally got the new ones in and soldered. Plug every all back in, after a lot of screwing case screws. Turned on, only 1 channel.

Ok, open the sucker up, look at it all again. Can't see anything wrong, Close it up, try again. One channel only. Damn.

Unscrew everything again, 3rd time. At least 10 freaking case screws. Anyways, unscrew it all, unsolder the cables. Cut off these spliced lines and start fresh. Go slow, careful, integrate from what I had learned earlier.

This time I make everything real nice, as best I can, belly on the floor in my listening room. Nice carpet.

Do my best to remove extra solder from the holes on the board, use a blade to open them up a bit more. About this time, I'm not sure why. I check the connection of the phono amp interconnects to the pre-amp. Oh snap, one channel is out. Stupid me for not scrunching those ends. Stupid ends for needing to be scrunched.

Go back about my biz of soldering the spliced RCA lines. This time I learned from last time. Longer exposed pieces of wire are easier to deal with, and I can snip the ends once they are soldered.

Well round three go much faster. Everything soldered, everything plugged in, and DAM! stereo total sound.

Except now, there is a high pitched metal scraping sound coming from the platter as it rotates. Oh man, WTF?

Ok, so i open the case back up. Mind you this is like the fourth of fifth time with 10 screws in the case. Oh yeah, I did loose one, I wasn't worried.

So blow out the insides with compressed air. Nothing, no luck, scraping sound still there.

I play and mess around and poke and push and pull and I finally see a large nut holding the shaft for the platter to rotate around. Figure, fine, I'll just pull that mofo out and blow it all out.

Well, it seems that just adjusting that nut one way, then the other, and the sound went away. In fact, the platter rotates now smoother then it did before.

So, after all that, from about 4pm to 8pm. My Sony PS-X45 now has new integrated interconnects and runs smoother.

I'd call that an afternoon well spent. Just need to get a new cartridge now.

This is the aftermath

To make a long story short. The integrated RCA interconnects that were on the Sony PS-X45 sucked and I DYI'd myself some MonoPrice interconnects on. And made the platter spin better.

09-06-2009, 11:58 AM
Great post Adam, love the last pic. I have a project on the go and when I saw your finale pic I laughed out loud. Even my best efforts end up looking like a tornado blew through...