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08-29-2009, 09:44 AM
Hi I am new to this forum but I have many threads here to guide me in my descision. By the way knowledge wise I've started from zero and I've been researching my setup for a few months now so please be patient. First my preferences, I watch alot of TV and DVD my wife listens to alot of Jazz and soft rock.
For the living room I am planning to get a Denon AVR-3808, Denon 3930 DVD player, Outlaw LFM-1 12" subwoofer, pair of Definitive technology Mythos one for the fronts, Definitive technology Mythos Eight or nine for center wall mounted - WHICH DO YOU RECCOMMEND?. I already have a pair of in wall speakers for the surround/back but they are with no name very cheap quality placed by the builder, cut out size 13" by 8 3/4" WHAT SHOULD I REPLACE THEM WITH? - I AM AT A LOSS :confused: HERE WHAT WOULD FIT WITH THE MYTHOS ONE FRONT AND CENTER? I would like to spend 200-400dollars on used or new pair

I am also replacing the In ceiling speakers in the patio WHICH WOULD YOU RECCOMMEND? THis is not very high priority as far as quality, not the top but something good. DOES IT HAVE TO BE WATER RESISTANT?

Finally I have a pretty good size bathroom. I want to place a pair of in ceiling speakers - CAN ONE OF THE SPEAKERS BE IN THE SHOWER CEILING? I HAVE NO CLUE OF WHAT KIND OF SPEAKERS WOULD THAT BE _ PLEASE HELP? The second speaker would be in the bathroom itself - I probably need one that I can angle the Tweeter - Again Any reccommendations?

I greatly appreciate any and all help you guys can offer. Thanks