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08-13-2009, 04:52 PM
I love primarily vintage gear, although I do have some modern digital gear with 7.1 and all that Jazz :D

I have a collection that I'm proud of that spans several decades which consists of:
2 Pioneer SX-1980's, 1 SX-1250, Integrated SA-7500 Series II & TX-6500 Series II, 2 pairs of HPM-500 Speakers, Kenwood KR-9600, KR-9400 & KR-4400, Model Seven loudspeakers, 3 pairs of LS-408B Loudspeakers, LS-407B, LS-405B, LS-403A & LS-403 Walnut Veneered, Marantz 2275 Receiver, Model 7 MKII loudspeakers, HD880, 3 pairs of HD770's, HD77, HD66, SP1500 Design Series 920's and M10's, also have 3 pairs of not so vintage, but close, Cerwin-Vegas, model 380SE, E-312's and D-9's

What do you guys have??

Mr Peabody
08-14-2009, 06:39 AM
Where do you put all that stuff? :) I don't collect vintage myself. I do have a Sansui AU-9500 that is very good even by today's standards and a Luxman receiver. Probably a member that would come close to your collection is The Kid.

Have you noticed that speakers wasn't exactly Kenwood's strong point? You should try to find some of their "Basic" series gear, much better stuff than the regular line.

08-14-2009, 07:14 PM
Mr P -You flatter me sir!

My collection is getting there but Charlie04 has got some great stuff there... :thumbsup:

Charlie04- Welcome to AR! Some great folks here who have guided a noob like me in the right direction over the years. That sounds like a great collection you have there! If you want to send one of those SX-1980's my way I will gladly take it off your hands..... :D

As for a current list of my vintage gear in the house (few others are on loan..);

Gladding Mark 200A,Harmon-Kardon HK 670, Kenwood TK-140X,Kenwood Eleven III,Luxman R1050,Marantz 2245,Nikko NR-819,Pioneer SX-850,Realistic STA-52,Realistic STA-82

Speakers; Large Advents,Dynaco A25's, EPI 100's, Genesis I's, Genesis 10's, KLH 5's, KLH-17's, Marantz Imperial 5's, Realistic Optimus 5's, Realistic Optimus 27's, Wharfdale 60E's

Other Gear; Denon 1500 CDP, Denon 1800 CDP, Dual 622, Dual 1019, Marantz 6150, NAD 6325,Nakamichi 480;Sansui AU-505,Sansui TU-555

Probably a few pieces I have left out and I am not counting my late 80's gear which would not be considered "vintage" by many.

08-14-2009, 09:44 PM
Thanks Mr. P and "The Kid", you got some real nice gear too! :D

Mr. P- yeah, I know that kenwood, like all the others, have put out their fair share of junky speakers, but my kenwoods from my collection are from a time when Kenwood was at the top of the game in the mid Seventies. The Japanese "Model Seven" is one helluva pair of speakers, costing nearly $3000 a pair when introduced in 1975. My LS-Series were a direct descendant of the Sevens, but made in the USA. They are among the most accurate and true speakers your ears will ever hear :) The LS-408B's are housed with Ultra high desity particleboard, wearing hand selected Walnut veneer and true crosslaid Lumber-core baffleboards, with uniquely designed woofers, mids & tweeters. These days it is extremely difficult to find an original nice pair, but they do show up once in a great while. The Japanese Model Sevens are so rare, so accurate and so efficient they project a soundstage that makes you think that your right in front of a live band. The bass is so clean, and tight, the special 25 Lb woofers don't give up one single Hz to reverberation or muddiness.

Botom line- I love 'em! and so does every guest that visits my home and hears them when I turn on some music :D

OK, I'm done braging, hehehe!~

Mr Peabody
08-14-2009, 09:53 PM
$3k is a chunk of change, especially in 75, I'd like to hear them too.

08-15-2009, 07:01 PM
Mr. P- yeah I keep all my gear in three places, the garage, attic and storage. All well protected. :biggrin5: :biggrin5: