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08-02-2009, 10:47 PM
I recently moved my boston micro 90X speakers up to the my 2.1 bedroom theater as the main speakers, the bostons play down to around 120 hertz, and my Klipsch Sub-10 plays up the about 120 Hertz. The problem is that my yamaha receiver (R-V1105) doesn't have a variable crossover point for the sub and main speakers. Assuming that the crossover points built into the receiver would create a hole somewhere between 80 hertz and 120 hertz when asking it to treat the front speakers as "small", can I just run the boston speakers as full range? I worry about hurting the bostons with bass notes that they simply can't handle. What do you think? Thanks!

08-03-2009, 05:45 AM
You could option the sub off on the receiver so the LF isn't routed to the sub-out, then run the L/R main pre-outs to the sub's L/R inputs and let the sub's xover filter out the mid/highs. This way the receiver doesn't limit the LF to 80Hz.