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07-11-2009, 04:34 PM
i managed to score some good items so heres the list:

stanley clark-the toys of men-rbcd-it looks like that one was free for some reason. well its EXCELLENT. better than east river drive.

chick corea and bela fleck-the enchantment-rbcd-5.98-not as good as expected.

dave brubeck-indian summer-rbcd-5.98-nice solo piano work.

tierney sutton-dancing in the dark-sacd-5.98-not bad-probably have to warm up to it.

LAGQ-self titled-sacd-oops, already had it-good but dont need another-sold it for the $6 i paid.

lagq-latin-sacd-5.98-good so far.

gil eveans plus ten-sacd-5.98-excellent.

marian mc partland-silent pool-sacd-5.98-nice.

paavo jarvi-debussy prelude/le mar etc-sacd-5.98-good.

holst suite 1/handel fireworks-telarc 50k sacd-5.98-VG.

art pepper-gettin together-sacd-5.98-my first peper-good.

all in all, a great haul for new merch, with a coupon discount and tax-52 bux.

it makes me wish i bit the last time a couple of years ago.