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06-02-2009, 06:01 AM
I recently picked up a Harman Kardon PM655 integrated Amplifier (circa: 1986; 80 Watts, peak 45 Amps) for $35. It had problems so I took it apart and blew out the dust, used contact cleaner on the switches and pots, and adjusted the four internal tweaker pots (I got the technical manual from the Harman Kardon web site). Now, it seems to work well. But, the sound is a little dark.

I'm driving a pair of B&W 684's and I'm still evaluating the setup. Does anyone else have this kind of AMP? Any tricks as to get the best out of them? Is a B&W 684 an OK speaker to use for this kind of AMP.

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06-16-2009, 07:00 PM
hi, Ive got the same amp/integrated. For what it is it is a good amp. And it does have a neutral sound quality, that borders on the darker side.(did that make sense?)

Ive paired it withmy paradigm monitor 9 v3. and with them the resultant sound was good(im not very good at audio technical speak). The paradigms are what you would call a brighter speaker. Ive used the integrated with other speakers but i dont recall how the resultant sound was. Its been to long. Oh yeah! i remember i used it with some bozak b-301f and turned up thevolume. sure made those sound alive. nice bass and not harsh sounding at all. good luck with garnering info on your integrated. This is a good place. Its been a while since i posted on here.