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03-19-2004, 06:46 PM
I am interested in buying the above mentioned set-up. Is anyone running Titans with their 3803/1083? Any probs? Also, looking for a decent dealer near Los Angeles who sells Paradigm at a good price (for the consumer) - any recommendations? Need to setup 2 homes: 4 pairs of Titans, and perhaps a pair of shielded Titans for the Center Channels (obviously one speaker in each home).

Thx for your help.

03-19-2004, 07:20 PM
I guess my question is why you're mixing a $1,200 receiver with $180/pair speakers, and why you feel you have to buy all the speakers at the same time. With a $600 budget (for three pairs of Titans), you can bump up the speaker quality dramatically by initially shopping for just the first pair of speakers and adding incrementally from there. The Titans are excellent speakers in their price class, but other options out there in the $600 range are a lot better. In the long run, the speakers matter a lot more than any other individual component in your system. Whatever more you can invest up front will pay off down the road when you complete the initial 5.1 setup. Besides, the 3803 has got all those virtual surround features specifically for two, three and four channel speaker setups, why not make use of them?

03-19-2004, 07:30 PM
The 3803 is complete overkill for those titans. The 3803 is well respected, the titans are not. If you are getting the 3803 no matter what and you are planning on staying with paradigm speakers I would scrap the titans and I would go with the mini monitors or if you have the money the studio 20's. If you are getting the titans no matter what I would get a receiver in the same class as the titans such as the 1604 or the 1804. If you are getting the 3803 because of all the features and the titans are only for now until you get something better I say get it. The 3803 has all the features you will ever want, at least for now and probably the next 3-5 years but those titans you want are entry level. Do justice to that 3803 and consider better speakers.

03-19-2004, 11:09 PM
I agree with the others...reverse your budget.

Not a fan of Denon or the Titans but hey that's just me but at least I do agree witht he others that the money spent on the Denon is overkill. I persoanlly think the quality of the Denon isn't overkill because I seriously doubt most would consider it any better than their 1603 - other than the surround decoder and features.

Either way the money is better spend on better speakers. If you're absolutely a fan of Paradigm the Studio 40V2 might be had for a deal while the new ones are rolling out.

But hey if you like it you like're the one listening not me. Some other options for receviers possibly.

03-20-2004, 04:29 AM
Seriously, what you are doing will work, but it's serious overkill. If you want those speakers, then a smaller Denon will bring out all they are capable of. If you want that Denon, then these speakers won't do it justice.

Likewise, I don't see a subwoofer listed there. Major item for HT, particularly with small speakers.

IMHO, it seems that a simple solution with decent sound is what you are after.

In such case, I would suggest dropping down to their 18xx or 16xx series and consider a speaker system like this one: Poke around that site and check out their other products as well. I'd say their AS-B1 speaker would give the Titan's more than a run for the money.

This site, as well as has many, many consumer reviews of many products if you wish to avail yourself of the subjective experiences of others as well.

Either Denon will sound pretty durn good with a wide range of speakers.

03-20-2004, 06:31 AM
I fell in love with the inexpensive Titans maybe 7 years ago or so in a Pro-Logic HT setup that replaced an even older PSB rig I had. Back then I hadn't heard anything in the price range that was as versatile as Paradigm's Titans and Atoms. Today, they've got lots of competition and probably wouldn't be my first choice anymore, but I still get sentimental.

But mating them with a 3803 Denon is just wrong. You could seriously improve your system's sound by downgrading the receiver to an 1800 or 1600 model and upgrading your speaker's budget. I won't repeat anyone else's advice because it's all good, but please don't buy Titans and the 3803. To be perfectly honest, dumping an extra 300 or so into your speakers will yield far more audible results than dumping it into your receiver.

You should be able to put together something pretty decent for the budget you are implying. Good luck!

03-26-2004, 09:26 AM
Wow, thx for all the feedback folks! To clarify further: I was not planning on paying full price for the 3803 - I will probably purchase it (or the equivalent 1083) for abt $650ish. I like the sound of the denon and also the fact that it can handle HiDef TV signals. Regarding the speakers, I like the sound of the paradigm titans, but will listen to other speakers as suggested. Looking to pay $170-$180ish per pair on the Titans.

To address other points brought up in this discussion: I need to setup a full home theater system for 2 homes (relatives). At a min, the systems must be DTS capable & building the systems incrementally is not a choice at this time. However, the systems dont need to be in place until July. The systems will be used mainly for HT and must be able to handle HiDef TV bandwidth. The budget for each system is abt $1200 or so: abt $650 for the Denon, abt $450 for Titans & center (+taxes). The budget can go up a bit to $1500 Max (incl tax+s/h). Subs are not included in the system at this time and are the only items that will be purchased later.

Back to the original question: Where can I buy Titan's for a reasonable price in LA area? Does Paradigm still make Shielded Titans?

BTW, also posted this query at as suggested

03-27-2004, 12:54 AM
I don't trust audioholics as far as I could throw em. They review brand new of brands they like agaisnt decade old brands they don't like - there's a nice apples to apples comparison...also thte price ranges are weird.

Post your question at

For cheap the Titan is probably fine - I would personally buy used. Something without a Paradigm metal tweeter preferably.

03-27-2004, 05:03 AM
Where can I buy Titan's for a reasonable price in LA area? Does Paradigm still make Shielded Titans?

1) Paradigms are sold through a fairly tightly controlled dealership network and aren't generally available over the net new. I wouldn't expect too much price variations.

2) Dunno. Many a "stereo" main speakers are not shielded. This allows more $$ towards the sound. Check their web site to see if they offer a timbre matched center channel.

Warning... it will probably cost more than a pair of titans but you seem to have your mind made up on the titans, so...

In either case, don't count on putting the titans right next to a CRT TV.