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05-07-2009, 02:03 AM
Hello, new here thought you guys might be able to help me out with a problem I'm stuck on!

I recently bought some second hand Cerwin Vega CLSC 15

I have a Skytec pro 480 power amp which is 120w per channel rms at 4 ohm, not sure of the 8 ohm rating.

The cerwins are 285w rms at 8 ohm.

The speakers were clipping when I get them to a certain volume

so Ive just bought a Stage Line Sta 700 which is 200w rms per channel at 8 ohm, but the speakers seem to clip at the exact same volume to me.

Could there be something wrong with these speakers??
Or is it still underpowered amps?

By clipping I mean once they get past a certain volume they start crackling and sounding distorted, but the volume I have them at when that starts to happen is not what I would call massively loud at all, my last Cerwin Vega VE 8s were louder without distorting on the Skytec amp. The red bass drivers on those were jumping in and out on these I can barely see the 15 inch drivers moving before they crackle / clip. The clipping lights on the stageline amp also start flashing at the exact same time I hear the crackling. If I cut the bass I can get them miles louder, which makes me think the amps cant drive them?

I use them with my pioneer CDJ 1000s and 700 mixer. The problem is the same with both speakers so thats why I didnt think it was a speaker problem as they are both acting the same. From the size of these things and that they are cerwin vegas I know they should be louder. I would not say I was pushing them beyond their ability to move, as they aren't really moving lots now, compared to my 8 inchs and videos I have seen of the same speaker. I'm stuck now really I dont want to buy an even more expensive amp and that doesn't work either!

Thanks for any advice


05-07-2009, 06:04 AM
Since 2 different amps produce the same problem and smaller speakers of the same brand didn't have any issues, I'd suggest you have the speakers checked for defective parts. It could be a voice coil has been damaged from prior use and is rubbing. Or there could be a short in the crossover or elsewhere that has dramatically lowered the impedance of the speakers and this is cause the amps to overload.