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audio amateur
05-04-2009, 03:08 PM
Okay, I'm guessing a similar thread has been created in the past but I don't recall seeing one so let's have at it.

I'd like you to name first and foremost your top 5 long timers, as in tracks that you've loved for quite a while now and that you keep on loving.
Second, your more 'current' top 5, e.g. tracks that you've discovered more recently and that you adore (well, the top 5 of those). These don't necessarily have to be newish tracks.
And finally, the track that you would put as number 1, your favouritest track of all time, however hard it may be for you to choose. This track will be included in one of the two lists.
I can understand some tracks are loved because of an attachment to something else (or for whatever reason) so you can write a brief descriptive of why if you wish. Try to keep to an approximate 5 tracks for both lists if you can. Here we go!!!

'Xpander' (radio edit) - Sasha
'Roads' - Portishead
'Universal' - Blur
'Light' - Benassi Bros.
These tracks all take me back to an event or period, and remain timeless to me. Also, i've completely changed tastes in the past 3 years so this first list was a hard task.

'All I need' - Air It's the vocals that do it on this track.
'You make it easy' - Air Again, the vocals on this one, so sincere.
'Just Friends' - Amy Winehouse Same once again :)
'Unfinished Sympathy' - Massive Attack It took several spins, but I think this track speaks for itself.
'Black Milk' - Massive Attack Very dark sensual, bangin' beat.

And the trophy goes to Unfinished Sympathy. I reckon it deserves the designation 'anthem'.

05-05-2009, 07:01 AM
Way way too hard for me to pick just a few, but if I have to:

All Of The Above by Transatlantic (1999) - an alleged super group, provided you follow prog, the song was written by former frontman for Spock's Beard, Neal Morse. Not important to list anyone else here, since you won't recognise anyone. But I mention Morse because while he kinda sucks at writing lyrics, he is a great composer. Clocking in at just over 30 minutes (not a mistype) the song doesn't seem that long; it plays like its only 15 or 20 minutes just flies by ;) No need to go into the story line because I never picked up on it and was surprised when I read what the song was actually about - like I said, Morse left a little to be desired when it came to lrics. But this song contains some of Morse's best work, and some of modern prog's most memorable music passages. And in an era of hodge-podge, forced, gratuitously over long epics, this one flows like no other, keeping the interest piqued until the end and even at its considerably daunting length, it begs for repeated listening.

I've said it here, and elswhere, "nobody, and I mean nobody, writes the epic like Neal Morse".

Awaken by Yes (1977) - Yes could have several songs on this list, but I pick this one because its the most etherial of their epics. Fashioned like a piece of classical music, it really eschews the expanded instrumental workouts that many of their previous epics had (resulting in an epic thats only 15 minutes long), and goes for a straight ahead symphonic rock motif...still don't know what the hell Jon Anderson is talking about here, but the song finds him in fine voice and everyone involved has a chance to shine without going into prolonged solos; hell, even Squire's bass made it back into the mix for this song. But the real star of the show here is the song's principle writer, Rick Wakeman, who employs an actual church pipe organ for the song's only solo, and its as etherial a moment in music as I can remember. One of the few epic length songs in Yes' classic canon that eschews bombast and focuses on mood, choosing sentiment over drama, foreshadowing their latter years.

Both of these songs represent every aspect of prog that critics have hated for years: ambitions and pretensions beyond belief...and the talent to pull it off.

Mr MidFi
05-05-2009, 07:57 AM
My sister insisted that I send her my all-time top 20 last year. Looking back on my list now, 6 months later, I would probably change 15 of them. Most notably, I would add Lou Reed's "Heroin" from RnR Animal, and Janes Addiction's "3 Days" from Ritual.

Here it was. Read it and weep...

Elvis Costello & The Attractions, "Peace, Love & Understanding" from Armed Forces.
Secret Machines, "Nowhere Again" from Now Here is Nowhere.
The Church, "Antenna" from Starfish.
Guadalcanal Diary, "Watusi Rodeo" from Walking in the Shadow of the Big Man.
U2, "Bad" from Unforgettable Fire.
REM, "7 Chinese Brothers" from Reckoning.
The Replacements, "Left of the Dial" from Tim.
David Bowie, "Heroes" from Heroes.
My Morning Jacket, "Gideon" from Z.
EIEIO, "Words Falling Down" from Love Thang.
The Pretenders, "The Wait" from their first album.
The Rolling Stones, "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" from Sticky Fingers.
Built to Spill, "You Are" from Ancient Melodies of the Future.
Radiohead, "Fake Plastic Trees" from The Bends.
Porcupine Tree, "ShesMovedOn" from Lightbulb Sun.
Genesis, "Firth of Fifth" from Selling England by the Pound.
Wilco, Billy Bragg & the ghost of Woody Guthrie, "California Stars" from Mermaid Avenue.
The Who, "Won't Get Fooled Again" from Who's Next.
The New Pornographers, "Bleeding Heart Parade" from Twin Cinema.
Bruce Springsteen, "Backstreets" from Born to Run.

audio amateur
05-08-2009, 04:11 AM
Okay, I can tell people aren't liking the whole 'list' thing. In that case, perhaps 2-3favourites are a better idea:)
Let us know of your all time favourites!!

05-08-2009, 06:29 AM
Well, just like MidFi, my top ten all-time tracks will change every 10 years or less.

I guess we're more album oriented 'round these here parts. ;)

Mr Peabody
05-08-2009, 10:15 PM
Older that has staying power with me:
Mama's Pride - "Blue Mist"
Styx - "Lady"
Rolling Stones - "Gimme Shelter"
Iron Maiden - "Two Minutes To Midnight"
Missing Persons - "Mental Hopscotch"
Michael Stanley - "Let's Get The Show On The Road Babe"
Van Halen - "5150"

New/quasi new:
Creed - "What's This Life For"
Jane's Addiction - "Jane Says"
Nightwish - "Planet Hell"
Tristania - "A Sequel of Decay"/"Tender Trip On Earth"
Alice In Chains - "Wood"

I'm sure there are others but off the top of my head these tracks I've yet to tire of. I believe a common thread amongst the tracks they most have a lot of feeling or intensity to them.

05-09-2009, 06:41 AM
I did this list a couple months ago with quite a bit of thought so, for now, it's pretty solid for me. (I just cut and pasted from my blog...links to the blog entries is below if you want expanded, inane commentary and to see video/audio for each song).

All right, so here's a summary of the top ten songs I'd want on my iPod (with unlimited batteries) if crashing on a tropical island. This list is likely to change but not too much...these songs have been near and dear to me for many years - 20+ years in the case of Sonic Youth, Husker Du, Tom Tom Club, and a few of the others.

1) Talking Heads - This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)
2) Patti Smith - Birdland
3) Sandy Denny - The Sea
4) Henryk Gorecki - Symphony No. 3 (Symphony of Sorrow)
5) Sonic Youth - Shadow of a Doubt
6) Tom Tom Club - Wordy Rappinghood
7) Brian Eno - On Some Faraway Beach
8) Neil Young w/ The Band, Joni Mitchell - Helpless
9) Black Sabbath - Jack the Stripper/Fairies Wear Boots
10) Husker Du - Pink Turns To Blue

05-09-2009, 08:24 PM
I presume AA is talking here about rock/pop songs so I didn't list classical, big band, jazz, blues ,etc. These are in no particular order and are some of my all times favorites. I never get tired of hearing these songs. They are permantly etched in my mind and soul.

Procol Harum ..... Whiter Shade of Pale

The Byrds ..... Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season)

The Beatles ..... Abbey Road Medley: Because/You Never Give Me Your Money/Sun King/Mean Mr. Mustard/Polythene Pam/She Came in Through the Bathroom Window/Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/End

Bob Dylan ..... Like a Rolling Stone

Simon and Garfunkel ..... The Boxer

Rolling Stones ..... Sympathy for the Devil

The Byrds ..... Mr. Tambourine Man

The Eagles ..... Desperado

Jimi Hendrix ..... All Along the Watchtower

The Beatles ..... I Should Have Known Better

RR6 :0:

05-09-2009, 09:10 PM
My favorites definitely rotate in and out – probably monthly – but here’s my list today:
Favorites in recent times:
Just A Little Lovin’ – Dusty Springfield
Narrow Daylight – Diana Krall
Cry Me A River – Julie London
I’m Goin’ Down – Mary J. Blige
Just Like Heaven – The Cure
Long-time favorites:
Peace Train – 10,000 Maniacs (oddly enough, the Cat Stevens song they dropped from In My Tribe)
You’re All I Need To Get By – Marvin Gaye, Tammi Terrell
Two Dollar Novels – Darden Smith
Angry All The Time – Bruce Robison
Easy From Now On – Emmylou Harris
And for my favorite from either list, I’ll say You’re All I Need To Get By.

audio amateur
05-10-2009, 02:11 AM
You can list any style you want really. There are 2-3 'genres' in the ones I listed but feel free to list whatever. I did avoid Classical (because classical is a little different, and there would be some in my tops but I know most of you aren't fans of it), but you're free to list it!

05-10-2009, 12:01 PM
Any room for It Never Rains (Dire Straits) on that list?