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alfred neville green
04-29-2009, 10:16 AM
Can someone help me,i have just purchased dali lektor 1 loudspeakers to use with my existing teac a300 receiver 35 rms per channel.On looking at the speaker manual it states amplifiers of 40 watts rms-100 watts should be used. The dali lektor 2s can use an amplifier of 25-100watts rms but these are much larger than i require.The question is it safe to use the teac 35watts rms or will i damage the speakers.I did tell the salesman i would be using the teac and he assured me that it would be alright.

JoeE SP9
04-29-2009, 01:56 PM
You should have no problem as long as you don't try to play things too loud. Playing music too loudly could push your receiver into an overload condition and cause it to clip. Clipping is not necessarily bad for a receiver but it is bad for speakers. A clipping amp or receiver will blow tweeters. Contrary to popular opinion it's difficult to break speakers with too much power. They will usually start to sound bad with funny noises coming from the woofers which are bottoming out. When your tweeters blow it's usually with no warning.

Go ahead and enjoy your new speakers just remember not to try for concert hall volume until you get more power. You definitely should get more power. 100WPC of sand (transistor) power would be more than sufficient. 100WPC of glass (tube) power might sound better although at a much higher price.