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03-18-2004, 06:36 PM
I am a newbie but getting into audio. I bought a Pioneer VSX-D412 Reciever and made the mistake of buying a Pioneer surround sound package. These speakers sound horrible so I bought a pair of polk r-15s that I am using for my fronts right now. They improved the sound a lot but i eventually want to use them as surrounds. My room is pretty small (11x15) so 600 watts is a lot of power for it but thats how i like it(lol). I am looking for advice for a good pair of front speakers for this set-up. But I dont have much money to spend on them...($150 each max)? I mostly listen to hard rock and alternative so any tips for customizing my system for that will also be appreciated. Thanks all.

03-21-2004, 04:26 AM
you should return you other speakers if its not to late. Keep the r15s for you rears yes For you price range if you want new I suggest the rti4 as mains the csi3 as centre(if you are looking for one) what about a sub the r15 and rti4 will not provide you with adequate bass, not to say you need in your face bass but to extend the range. As far as too much power its better to have to much than not enough

03-21-2004, 05:18 AM
When it comes to selecting equipment, you are on your own. If high fidelity is about choosing equipment for being accurate to the sound of live music, then people can debate where one piece of equipment or another falls short but if the selection of equipment is based on personal preference, then nobody's opinion of what is good or not good is any more reliable than anyone elses and it is up to you the end user to decide. Having said this, you will get more for your money on the used market than buying new. Just beware the pitfalls of buying damaged equipment from private parties as you assume all of the risk.

Here is some advice I can give you. You sound like you are young and inexperienced living in a small apartment or with other people. The kind of music you listen to and the powerful system you are assembling has the ability to greatly annoy other people you live near if you are not careful and come to an understanding with them in advance over what they will tolerate and when they will accept it. If you ignore this advice, you may find yourself in one altercation after another until you are forced to find another place to live. Your right to enjoy your music does not supercede their right to peace and quiet whenever they want it. Hard to accept when you are young but that is a fact of life.