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03-30-2009, 02:30 AM

I have recently bought a B&W 801 and connected them to my Denon POA-6600.
It has been working perfekt for about 2 hours.
Than it made a terrible noice.
I turned it off.
After a while I turned it on again but on one of the 801 speakers, the tweeter does not work.
It also hat a bit burning smell.

When it happened I had it very slow working, with a low level of sound.

Maybe one of the cables between amp en preamp are not OK ?
I think this because the pre-amp and amplifier both work perfekt with other speakers.

What I would like to know is how I can repair this in a low expensive way.
I took me a lot of saving time to buy this speakers and I realy donīt have any budget for a profesional repair.

I have opened the midrange speaker en disconnected the tweeter.
I saw it can be replaced, so I connected a spare tweeter that I had of another loudpeaker, but it does not work also.
There is no signal on the tweeter cables.

I donīt know if there is a fuse or a protection circuit inside the speaker-box.
Or maybe the filters are damaged.

I also do not have any profesional help where I live ( Santiago de Compostela in the North od Spain ).

Maybe by this help-amail I will get any response in order to have some help on repairing my 801.

Hoping to have an answer, many thanks already.

Salvador Noya
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03-30-2009, 07:49 AM
maybe blew a capacitor or a resistor in the crossover? you can check them with a digital meter that can measure capacitance "Farads" and resistance "Ohms" if you can visually inspect the crossover look for burnt components...was the noise you heard a bang?
i used to blow capacitors up for fun as a kid...just like firecrackers.