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Mr Peabody
03-29-2009, 02:32 PM
I just wanted to get other opinions who may have info on other bands. I noticed a couple new albums by bands like Mastodon and In This Moment who have put out albums with majority clean vocals which is a departure from their past efforts. I just wondered if Cookie Monster vocals may be on the way out or if these bands may just be experimenting similarly to what Opeth did on Damnation. I personally think it may just be experimenting as Mastodon's album has other characters that differentiate it from those in the past. In This Moment's new album does as well, not only are the growling vocals gone but the music although keeping heavy has more of a Pop or radio friendly sound. ITM has a female singer who not only growled like the best of them but some how managed to sound like she was growling and screaming at the same time.

So I thought I'd throw this out and see if any one else had info to add, growling a fad or mandatory?

03-29-2009, 04:08 PM
I sure hope they're a thing of the past, but I'm sure they will resurface.

As far as Opeth's Damnation - that album came out around what...2003? 2004? Opeth has put out two other albums since with CMVs on them. I think their fanbase likes the CMVs - I heard one dude a few years back (a young dude) call the Damnation album a "pussy album" because they used "pussy" vocals. So who knows if we'll ever hear another Damnation-like album again.

I may have to break down and get that new Mastodon album. I've heard that 'new style' they've adapted for this one and I approve. I've heard sparingly little thought, so far. FWIW: the new singing sounds like a cross between Ozzy and Jim Dandy. I liked Leviathon for its music, but couldn't compartmentalize the vox (which weren't really CMVs, but shouted nonetheless).

I ditched my copies of Opeth's Ghost Reveries and Mastodon's Leviathon not too long ago with no regrets. I'd rather hear an over-singer like James LeBrie than cartoon voices. But alas, in a world where there are plenty of adults who deck out in goth, flock to comic book conventions and buy all those Japanese anime' movies, there will always be a market for CMVs. (ducks for cover)

Who knows why these CMV bands have gone straight for the time being. Who knows how someone came about to seriously consider singing like that in the first place.

BTW: did you ever hear a band called Alabama Thunderpussy? If the new Mastodon is your bag, you may like them.

Mr Peabody
03-29-2009, 05:50 PM
I have heard of ATP. I'm starting to accept some CMV first with bands like Tristania and I do like some Opeth. Even though the new Mastodon has mostly clean vocals I haven't bought it yet. I have only heard samples and one of the tracks is on but none of it has done much for me.

03-30-2009, 05:26 AM
I don't know much about bands that use CMVs other than Opeth, for whom I'm willing to overlook the vocals because the music is just so damn good. Akerfeldt also has a beautiful voice, when he sings clean, so Opeth can easily cross genres where vocals are concerned. I don't know if that's true for most other CMV voxed bands. (did I use vox correctly there?)

I doubt that these vocals are on their way out yet. I mean, music does change and progress with the times. How many 80's songs have that distinct 80's sound? And CMVs may eventually fall to the wayside in favour of other styles. But I don't think that bands who built a following using CMVs are going to change so quickly. Building an audience is a hard thing to do and as long as that audience is willing to buy CDs and concert tickets, why would you try to fix what ain't broke (creative experimentation aside)?

When we saw Opeth on the Damnation tour, opening for Porcupine Tree, the audience was clearly split between Opeth fans and PT fans. It wasn't hard to tell who was there to see who, lol. But the Opeth fans, for the most part, were very disappointed in the Damnation track set which included 100% clean vocals. And there were many people yelling out, "let's hear some death metal!". So I wasn't suprised to see them return to form for their next disk. Damnation is a great album IMO and an interesting experiment on the band's part. But they really seemed to disengage their fans on that one. It would be taking a big chance for other bands to follow that path.

03-30-2009, 10:22 AM
Come on....

A real death metal band would say f*** the fans. A smart death-metal band would do like Opeth more often and put out two albums per year - one dirty, one clean, and double the fan base. Better yet, give your band two different names. Why, you could even put the same songs on both albums, but with different vocals! And why not throw in an instrumental disk as well!

Hey, I should be in music marketing. I always wanted to hear a purely instrumental version of Van Morrison's Poetic Champions Compose. But a Van album with him doing death metal vocals - now that's something I'd pay for!

03-30-2009, 12:29 PM
But a Van album with him doing death metal vocals - now that's something I'd pay for!

You'll spend your money on anything, won't you? Give the money to me, I'll gladly growl at you for 38 minutes.

03-30-2009, 12:39 PM
I heard one dude a few years back (a young dude) call the Damnation album a "pussy album" because they used "pussy" vocals.

LMAO.............hey, I love pussy..................vocals.

I pray that CMV is on the way out............makes me cringe.

But hey -- for years, I've said the same thing about (c)rap.

03-30-2009, 03:12 PM
Are Cookie Monster vocals fading or just coincidence?

Yup, yup...going, going, gone... thee I say, nevermore...

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Mr Peabody
03-30-2009, 05:44 PM
It would be interesting to see the Opeth sales figures for their various albums. I think Damnation was a good move, if there were other like me that album snagged a lot of new fans. I bought Damnation and as my tolerance grew toward some CMV I eventually bought more Opeth. They came through our town last year and I didn't make it. I have been kicking myself ever since. I hope they come back.

Speaking of concerts, looks like the summer season is made up of old school bands from the past. I'd love to see Godsmack but they are on the Motley Crew tour along with Drowning Pool, what's wrong with this picture. Why would the Crew get a couple heavy bands like this to open for them? Maybe they think people will be moshed out by the time the old guys come on.

04-01-2009, 09:51 PM
When we saw Opeth on the Damnation tour, opening for Porcupine Tree, the audience was clearly split between Opeth fans and PT fans. It wasn't hard to tell who was there to see who, lol..

I saw Opeth open for Dream Theater last summer. When Opeth said their goodbyes, the folks in front of me left! I couldn't believe it! With eiher CMV or clean vocals, Opeth were very entertaining (I had not heard them before that concert), the frontman knows how to work an audience.

Regarding general CMVs I can't help wondering how the vocalists would cover up their mistakes if they got the words wrong. Must be so embarassing if they were screaming something like, "I want you Jeannie" and instead sang, "I want, to Jimmy" . I suspect, though, fans of the genre can distinguish words? I suspect my inability to appreciate CMVs is similar to how my father couldn't hear the music in rock and roll. If there is one thing I have learned about music: whenever I look down upon a style from my soapbox of superior music snobbishness I have to stop, step down and open my ears and my mind.

04-02-2009, 05:17 AM
I think the cookie monster's throat hurt and so the cookie monster went to the doctor and the doctor told him you're going to permanently loose your voice if you keep singing like that. The cookie monster froze, turned pale then blinked. Then the cookie monster raged, trashed the office and scared the crap out of the nurses and everyone in the waiting room, stormed out and drove recklessly home and went into the bathroom and cried.