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03-06-2009, 08:42 PM
I am interested in replacing my 10 year old av receiver with separates. One of the SSP's that has caught my interest is the NuForce AVP17. Auditioning equipment is pretty much out of the question so I was wondering how this product stacks up against other products from Rotel, NAD, Parasound, Outlaw, Integra, etc. From what info I have been able to gather, it also seems to be about 50% cheaper than other brands. Reading specs is like reading a foreign language. Is it a good product and what do the the other brands have to justify the price difference? Thanks in advance for any input or advice.


03-07-2009, 12:07 AM
I just bought a new Emotiva XPA-5 power amp late last year so I am partial to this very fine direct to buyer online company. Created by US designers and engineers and built in China its products; amps, pre/pros, speakers, subs (soon) and CD players (soon) are sold online directly to the end user. The quality and performance is superb and the prices are amazing (no distributors, dealers and commissions).

Their new UMC-1, $699 pre/pro should be available later this month. The top of the line XMC-1, $999 pre/pro (adds phono and XLR connectors plus other extras) will be available later this year.


03-22-2009, 11:39 AM
the B&K needs a repair and is an old school processor without the sacd/dvda inputs. i WILL say it is transparent as hell but so is the nuforce. i only use the nuforce for video switching in the stereo anyway but will one day try the proper hookups.

i run stereo dynaquad for surround sound and all sources can be in sourround this way. i know some of my mc music may sound better hooked up in actual mc mode but the ambience extraction of the dynaquad is fine most of the time.