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the hand of boredom
11-22-2003, 06:19 AM
Back in May my best friend and roommate decided we were to move into a house upon the termination of the lease on the apartment we were renting. At the time I was eyeing the Servo 15, MA FB212, and the ML Descent. The Servo 15 outperformed the other two, IMHO, in 1. Depth 2. Output and 3. SLAMMM! at half the price. Half the price meant, logically, to get two. So I got two.

Now there was a slight problem having <i>two</i> of these 'beasts' (if you have seen a Servo 15 in person, you know how big it is) in an apartment. I couldn't really push'em too hard and trying to find ideal placement was a real chore. I had them up on either side of the component rack along an 9ft wall pulling double-duty as speaker stands; one Studio/40 upon each sub.

Alas, now we have our house. Although the basement, where we plan to have the system, is not finished yet, we have set up the system in a very open main-floor space. The kitchen-dining-and-living space is wall-less. This space is about 19ft by 25ft. We have the subs along an open wall in the living space about 7ft apart. The left sub is about 3ft from the front wall and 2ft from the side. The right sub is is about 3ft from the front wall and about 12ft from the (side) wall of the dining space.

I used the 50hz filters of the X-30 crossover and have the mains set to large. All settings at the pre-amp stage are flat, speakers set to large. Cross-over point for the subs is set for about 55hz, the gain on the unit at 10 o'clock, and on the subs at 12 o'clock.

I am sure that I am not getting the full potential since the placement is not ideal and I don't have EQ or traps. There is a noticeable peak and I'm sure is a frequency cancellation. However, I think these things kick a$$. I am happy with the purchase. On classical music, they just add that presence and impact to certain piano notes that let you feel you are right there. Same goes for acoustic bass on the "Steppin' Out" album by Diana Krall.

While we were unpacking and placing all our possession we had some Dr. Dre spittin', then some house tracks. (Sarcasm begins) The Servo 15 is not capable of true sub-bass. It is not capable of hitting the notes that shake walls and floors at levels that REALLY shake walls and floors. They are slow like molasses. I am disappointed with the lack of pitch control (sarcasm ends).

Madonna's "American Life" is a really good test of a sub system's speed. Lots of quick kick-drum.

I can't wait to get the bassment setup with the traps. It is something I dream about nightly.

I'm glad to have shared this story with you all.