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Finch Platte
02-18-2009, 08:51 AM

I saw this out of the corner of my eye at Rasputin's & picked it up, reading the blurb on the cover. Guy used to be in Megadeth (I'm not really a MD fan), but I think the word prog was on there. So I bought it, and I like.

It's one of those chop-heavy releases w/ no vocals & plenty of guitar solos. Yeah, it wanks, but I like the wank sometimes. :cornut: The review below mentions Flower Kings & Spock's Beard, but I don't hear it much. Ohm is a three piece, w/ no keyboards, almost metal. I guess hard rock fusion describes it better for me.

I even hear a teeny bit of King Crimson in it at times.

If you like to rock out w/ your rooster out, you'll like this. Joe Bob gives it 2 thumbs up.

The review below was written before Circus Of Sound was released.


Before he was a founding member of the “progressively ambitious" metal band, MEGADETH, Chris Poland with Robertino Pagliari, Gar Samuelson (also of MEGADETH) and Stu Samuelson made up a popular, L.A. area fusion outfit named The New Yorkers. Today, Chris and Robby along with drummer Kofi Baker, go by OHM, and have gone on to create some of today’s most electrifying jazz-fusion. A power trio of epic talent, beginning with Chris Poland, who is among the most unrecognized, yet tremendously gifted fusion players ever to hit the scene. His style is both technically complex, yet free and passionate. Utilizing a vast array of rack-mount effects, that never cloud, but instead supply a tonal plate to a true artist, he is able to make precise sonic U-turns that make you wonder how it can only be one person playing. Supporting this intense string-master, is Robertino Pagliari on bass guitar. Robby’s rounded tone and head-spinning six-string runs, are every bit on par with Chris, and balance out the compositional mastery OHM is known for. Keeping the beat has been the job of two gifted drummers, formerly David Eagle, and now Kofi Baker (Son of Ginger Baker of CREAM). While one could classify OHM as a jazz-fusion band in the tradition of MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA, WEATHER REPORT, and BRAND X, these comparisons do little to describe the unique work of this Los Angeles trio.

Having only two releases to date (with a third on its way), OHM’s discography is so far a perfect score. 2003 saw the self titled release “Ohm”, a musically creative and stimulating album, which sounds less like a first effort, and more like the masterpiece of lifelong musicians. 13 tracks pack a heavy punch of short, well composed pieces, ranging from heart-pounding heaviness to stomach sinking emotion. The very next year, fans were treated to a taste of just what it is these guys do together in the same room. “Live on KPFK” was recorded at a radio station who aired OHM live. Bringing some titles from their earlier release, along with never before recorded material, this album showcases the trio’s phenomenal union.

If SPOCK’S BEARD and The FLOWER KINGS have claimed the modern progressive throne from the likes of YES and GENESIS, then OHM deserves top honors in the legacy of jazz-fusion. This group is simply essential. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

: : : Jeremy Spade, UNITED STATES : : :

02-18-2009, 03:53 PM
Ya just never know, I'd a never thought myself a fusion guy, but I did enjoy both Gordion Knot albums. I enjoyed the first Liquid Tension Experiment. Planet X didn't do much for me though. I only like the first Brand X album and I can't recall if I have heard much of the others you mentioned

02-18-2009, 11:06 PM
I never thought of Tribal tech as Jew-like.