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03-16-2004, 07:33 AM
Open Range. That Costner western from last year. Simply and utterly pathetic. Over art-direction combined with a script packed with completely moronic dialogue. A completely bored Duvall phoned it in and Annette Benning was truly lame. Watch her reactions in the scene where Duvall talks with the comatose character, "Button". She is completely lost. Costner has no idea how to direct actors. I'm shocked this movie got even decent press on first release.

The Italian Job. 2003 remake. Enjoyable bubblegum movie. Casting was right on the money except for Marky Wahlberg who hasn't done anything of note since "Boogie Nights" (he was good there because he was supposed to be a dull-witted guy). The guy's a stiff. Heist was completely preposterous and I was very disappointed to see them get away with the crime (they didn't in the original) which changes the entire tone of the story (see "Oceans 11" as well). Coke and popcorn flick, nothing more.

Pat and Mike. Absolute classic. Tracy and Hepburn sure seem like an odd couple and she was probably too old for this role as a star athelete, but it's a completely enjoyable movie.

Caddyshack. What a classic comedy. The best golf movie ever made. Dangerfield's best film role. "Last time I saw a mouth like that, it had a hook in it" and "You get a free bowl of soup with this hat? . . . Oh, but it looks good on you" are classic Dangerfield.

Also rented "Now Voyager" from Netflix and it arrived in pieces. That's a first. They seem very understanding about it.