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12-24-2008, 12:26 PM
Yea, who don't love The Orange Billboard? What a great record, one of the best of this nearly finished, and soon to be forgotten decade. That and the still incredible debut of Duncan Browne Give Me Take You from forty frickin' years ago (can you believe it????) playing today for me, and what a great pair. Love em both, and they both make me feel good.

Music is such a key part of my life, hard to imagine one without the other. Just wanted to wish you all a great holiday, and maybe tip a cool IPA toward your buddies here at Rave Recs if the event unfolds, and you are so inclined. I will. Just popped the top on a Long Hammer, and it does smell pretty nice. Maybe I've just gotten less critical in recent times, or maybe they are just making better beers in recent times, or maybe it's just the $11.99 price tag for a 12-pack that has my judgment clouded, couldn't say for sure, but this is a pretty good batch of ale, even if it is a touch on the wrong side of distinctive. Yea, that means kinda safe and bland, but it also means that it doesn't have anything wrong about it either. And sometimes, with both beer and music, and even life too, that's OK :)