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12-17-2008, 06:48 PM
Just found a pair of L810's, found one of the speakers has no output from woofers. Midrange and tweeter seem to work. Since it has two, and they both don't work, I figure it isn't the woofer. I had seen a review here that recommended replacing the caps in the crossover, so I may attempt this rather than returning them to the person who sold them to me (for a great price, locally). I have removed one of the woofers and tested it with a MM, a nice 5 ohms, so hopefully it is the crossover. The crossover was fairly easy to remove from the cabinet, behind the lower woofer. There are 4 caps, and they are available for around $50 from Parts Express (4.7, 6.8, 10, 100 mf Solen caps; the 100 is $38!). Questions:

1)would "bad" capacitors be enough to cause this problem (no output from woofers)?

2)there are also two 1.5 ohm 10% 7w resistors (sandstone/cement?). Should I replace these with the Dayton 1.5 ohm 10w 2% resistors?

3) Any other ideas? Get my money back? I have the equipment/ability to do the replacing, and I have a pair of 710's that I love, so I was overjoyed to find the 810's locally.

thanks in advance for the advice

12-19-2008, 03:10 PM
check the other woofer too. i am not familiar with the crossover, but its possible one bad woofer could render them both inoperable. bad caps could be the culprit, but they typically only degrade output.

if it turns out to be the woofer Richard So at may still have parts available to repair it. there is also an ADS reference page that might be of some help at