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Finch Platte
12-11-2008, 09:26 AM
Going through the box of comps I've gotten over the years, I came across a disc Troy had sent me long ago, and the cover made me pull it out (the disc, you pervs).

I set it aside for a few days, and after I picked up my repaired subwoofer from Best Buy, I thought "this would be the perfect time to play Troy's comp." So I did, and after 3 weeks of not hearing much bass on anything, the low end washed over me like molasses- dark and thick. It's not a high-energy assortment of tunes, but it's perfect for an early morning, coffee and a hot bath. :yesnod: Troy put it together like a DJ, melting tunes into one another & mixing it up nicely.

I don't have the disc here with me at work, so I can't remember much of what's on there (not many groups I'd heard before). Troy, a little help, here? Got a shot of the cover art, too?

So it's been a few years since you sent it to me- any chance it's going to be remastered & rereleased w/ bonus tracks? :biggrin5: