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12-05-2008, 10:14 PM
Really appreciate any input from fellow friends here...been pondering past week on decision. Speakers are 86db vandersteen 2ce sig 2...

the show down is on between

BAT 3xi + VK55 - (pre,power)
QUAD QC-24 + QUAD II-80 - (pre, monoblock)

Price range for both similar as getting demo sets frm reputable dealer...

Mainly listen to jazz, vocals, blues and classical, orchestra...

BAT combo scores on their unique musicality especially the 'thang' and the 'dark piano bar' sounding that seems to be elipsed in other brands. QUAD combo scores in solid, controlled lows and taller sound stage. musical presentation is larger and more powerful all round. But mid range (vocals) not as involving as BAT. BAT combo is apparently less expansive sound stage wise but the musical presentation is thoroughly INVOLVING. QUAD sounds big,powerful,clear,dynamic (remarkabe for tube power amps) BUT somehow does not involve u as much. mindbearing that we are comparing a mono block set up (QUAD combo) against the pre-power(BAT Combo) hence.....

checked reviews/discussions but yet to see anyone comparing against either of these. Aware pitting the entry levels of BAT pre power against the classic ref of QUAD may not exactly seem fair but still....

heritage wise, QUAD is heads up against BAT but deem both to be equally reliable in terms of after sales but then again this may not exactly be the most important element for comparision...

Option for adding an additional BAT VK55 as monoblock may be possible later but not to be considered at this point due to budget.

speakers seems to run equally well on both with 86db efficiency. ie. BAT combo equally involving .... wherease QUAD combo really power up the speakers albeit lacking that emotional involvement.

The emotional involvement of the BAT combo is magnified when listening to VOCALS, JAZZ, BLUES but not really applicable in classical and orchestra which is where classical/orchestra gains a notch with QUAD combo...

Thanks very much for reading this far ... thanks your patience and further gratitude if u have any input...

12-06-2008, 12:05 AM
Hey Art,

My kneejerk reaction is that I listen to music for emotional content. That said, I see an awful lot of BAT equipment for resale on Audiogon which makes me ponderous about the long haul.
Folks, especially fans of classical and jazz, often get lost in the momentary bliss of mid-heavy equipment only to realize that the more complex passages in symphonic work demand a large degree of dynamic control for spacial cues.

I wonder if maybe one can't have the best of both worlds. I would invest some time in auditioning, specifically, I'd check out the QUADs with a tube cdp. Check out offerings from Cary, Music Hall, or maybe even the Chinese variants. You could use your standard source (presumably LP or standard CD) for classical and have tubes for the "dark piano bar thang".

Just one perspective but I've always found it's easier to muck up a clean, powerful signal with the warm-fuzzies than it is to try and straighten an inherently altered or colored signal.

Good luck