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12-03-2008, 09:19 AM
Long story short I have made 2 attempts for opinions on sat/sub sets in the HT & Speaker forums with no success. During my qiest for the "perfect" sat/sub combo I came across the Magnepan HT set (4 MMG-W and 1MMG-C). I really like that they can sit flat against the wall when not in use and swiveld out to listening position when needed. I plan on using a Pioneer Elite VSX-94TXH to drive them. Do you planar speaker users have subs? Is one necessary? Desired? What else should I know?

Thanks for your time.

12-03-2008, 09:25 AM
Hi Bullwinkle. Sorry you hadn't received a response during your quest. I looked at the MMGs awhile back. I was interested in the planar/panel sound and how it was different to box speakers. The price for these were also very affordable. I however wasn't able to justify a new system at the time.

From what I've read over the years, most panel-type speakers will require a subwoofer. Unless you get the very top-end full-range panels, they just don't reproduce the lower frequencies very well. The affordable Maggies are all hybrid panel/subs combinations. Let me know what you think of the MMGs.

12-03-2008, 11:16 AM
BW, if you decide to go with Magnepans, you will need a sub for sure, and it is best to use a non ported (Martin Logan dynamo or velodyne SPL-R subs) or servo controlled subs (Martin Logan Grotto and Velodyne Digital Drive subs) because the planar speakers are "fast" and "slower subs" will not match well with them. Thats not to say you could not use other subs.

If your considering Maggies, its best to go with the MMG's as front speakers and the hang on the wall panels for the rear.

I think in the long run you would be better off building your own system with regular box speakers. Here are some suggestions-

A set of 4 B&W 686's with a B&W center and a Mirage or Energy S8 or S10 sub.

2 NHT classic 2 speakers and 2 NHT zero's and center channel along with the above mentioned subs.

Or check out this site for PSB speakers at
Consider a pair of PSB B25's for the front and B15's for the rear
and the Image C40 or C60 for the center
and the PSB sub that they have on sale or an outlaw sub from
The PSB's would be a nice system.

You could also consider the Monitor Audio B-2's x 4 or the S1's X4 from saturday audio