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11-26-2008, 02:04 PM
Hi all, new to the forums. I am hoping you guys can help me out a little bit.

I am looking for a set of small(ish) bookshelf speakers that I can use with my record player.
I have been using downward facing Cerwin Vegas (a good 30 years old - speakers that were built well in its day) and these tend to make listening to records kinda difficult as the speakers cause the needle to bounce.:frown5:

So anyhow, I was thinking about going with a set of B&W 686 ($480), but a friend of mine brought up Elemental Designs. Specifically the W6 - 6TC ($650). So, three questions:

1. Has anyone here heard of ED, and would you recommend those?
2. Would they be worth the extra $170?
3. Any better recommendations within that range?

Please understand that I do not have the opportunity to listen to those, as they don't seem to deal locally. It would be a blind purchase over the internet. While I have heard the B&W and like how those sound.