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11-23-2008, 08:25 PM
Yeah, its basically the same album they've attempted to put out since For Those About To Rock, but for some reason, I like it. I didn't buy it, but a co-worker let me borrow it. Not bad - not bad at all. I haven't sat through an entire AC/DC album since Blow Up Your Video, which was such a sorry excuse of an album. Not that this one is perfect, but hell, nothing I have purchased this year is perfect. This album shoulda been cut by about 3 or 4 songs, and they are those songs where Brian's vox are so stretched, so ragged, but even he sounds better than he has in years. This is a hook layden, riff layden, whiskey drenched party album, with nary an new idea and maybe a few borrowed ones, but the execution is better than usual, and it still kicks the crap out of any of their peers still attempting to do rock-n-roll. Of course, if you've religiously followed this band through the '80s, then you already own an album like this, or four. I dunno, maybe I was just in the mood. Nice to listen to a band that's is much older than I am and can still smoke like this. At risk of sounding silly-assed, its literally their best since another album with the same color in the title - no, not as good as that album, but better than the laurel-resting albums they put out between then and now. Hell, you could pretend this was the follow up to For Those About To Rock - their sound hasn't changed and won't change. If you have to make a Guitar Hero/Rock Band inspired purchase this year, make it this one.

11-24-2008, 08:11 AM
Thanks for the review 3-LB. I've heard a few tracks off this CD and they've all sounded good, but the same. AC/DC definately have created a signature sound, but at this point in their career it all sounds the same to me. There's just nothing new in this CD, from what I've heard so far, to make me want to buy it. It sounds like a good return to early AC/DC, but there is so much great early AC/DC that I don't need a new old album, if you get my drift.

I'm not sure what this band could do to renew my interest. I'm bored with the formula, but if they changed the formula I'd probably think it sucked.

I do love their old stuff though. Dirty Deeds is still one of my favourite songs. And I'd love to catch them in concert again. I will say this for AC/DC...two shows here at a baseball venue that holds 50,000 people, sold out in less than an hour each and the demand for tickets for the second show actually crashed the Ticketbastard web site. That kind of demand just doesn't seem happen anymore. Cudos to them for creating such strong and long-lasting loyalty from the fans.

11-24-2008, 09:59 AM
This was the first full AC/DC album I got through since Razor's Edge, and it ain't half bad. These guys have a signature sound for sure, but most bands do. After 6 or 7 albums with most of the same lineup, I can think of only a few bands that I don't get tired of. AC/DC ain't one of 'em but I'm sure some people just love'em to death.

Blows the hell outta Airbourne.