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11-14-2008, 08:00 AM
My Listening room size is 12 X 17 X10(height). By going by cardas method.

Fronts should stay at 5 ft from the back wall.
Fronts shouls stand at 3 ft from the side wall.

In that case. My listening ear will be about 10ft from the speakers. They are distanced at 6 ft apart.

Is this the optimum placement. It is impossible to get exact the placement due to practical considerations.

How many of you get this kind of placement done in your system.

I am curious.

the hand of boredom
11-14-2008, 03:35 PM
I have my system in my 13.5 x 15 bedroom. The bed is in the middle of the 15 foot wall, system on one side, listening spot on the other. I've used the Cardas method with excellent results.

11-15-2008, 07:39 AM
Think of any of these tools as a guide - the same guide for cooking pasta. What works for one noodle doesn't necessarily work for another - Cardas says his method works for any boxed speaker - certainly not in the least for my boxed speaker. It's a general rule and probably fits MOST speakers but that does not mean that in your room moving them back closer to the wall another foot would not be better in order to compensate for various room furnishings. Some speakers are more room friendly and some are not.

B&W should have some sort of speaker placement instructions and I would follow that. Remember you have to live with them and like them - not just setting it up to some guide - just like a recipe - it may call for certain ingredients in certain amounts but if you like Chipotle - then put it in the sauce and the recipe be damned.

11-15-2008, 09:14 AM
I second RGA's advice.

In my room, it's impossible to use the guide, because of a very weird room shape. yet, I did use the guide in the beginning....

the guide tells you how to place your speakers so it's theoretically 'perfect', for much people, 'perfect' isn't sounding 'perfect' at all, so you should start with the guide, and then start experimenting...

some basic knowledge:
placing speakers close to walls, results in increased bass, especially with ported designs. placing your speakers in a corner also results in increased bass, but even more than just placing them closer to the wall.

placing your speakers further away from the back walls improves depth, and soundstage. if you place them too far away from the wall can sometimes result in a unrealistic representation though, placing them to close to the walls can result in a flatter soundscape (less depth, more up front...).

Placing your speakers further away from the side walls enlarges the soundstage on the outsides of the speakers, again, too much, becomes unrealistic...

distance between speakers: if the speakers are too close to each other, it can get a little busy, and imaging might be difficult...
placing them too far apart from another is worse though, you'll have one or more gaps in your soundstage, and imaging will be completely wrong, it will sound like you're listening to 2 speakers (as in 2 different speakers, something not filling in between.).
toeing in your speakers alot, might seem like it can solve it, yet it doesn't. you'll either have a gap in the middle, or have a focused sound in the middle, and no image next to it, so 2 gaps between the middle and the speakers.

toe in:
too much toe in can create a good image, soundstage will be slightly smaller though, but become unfocused, so everything seems to come from the same place.
placing your speakers straight forward will create a big soundstage, yet maybe too large, and become unrealistic. some people like this though. also, the 'gap' effect, can be created too...

it's up to you where the balance is, it's a fun thing to do, but take your time.

Keep them spinning,

11-17-2008, 07:02 AM
I always thought so. But felt wierd after seeing the cardas site where the dimensions of the home theater room are also mentioned close inches. Which I feel is impossible to acheive in the real world Unless You design your home theater room first and rest of house could be done later. In that case you end up compromising your home rather than the home theater room. WHich I feel is wierd.

What would be teh best place for subwoofer if it is non ported ( I mean enclosed ).

I just now bought a Rel strata III subwoofer on audiogon going to try it out.