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11-02-2008, 09:59 AM
Well do you own or have you actually heard any Axiom's in particular the M-60 or M-80.
How do they sound what's great, good, bad about them? What would you compare them to?

The M-80 is a 4 ohm speaker my Denon is 6-12. I actually just fried 6 of the outputs on my Denon, it's in the shop now. Can the M-80 be ran at 8 ohm or is there a way to wire the Denon to accept 4 ohm without another blowout.

Thanks Dono

11-02-2008, 11:49 AM
Hi gixxerific, your amp is not rated for 4-ohm loads. An amp capable of driving 4-ohm loads would have heftier power supplies, heat sinks and output-stage transistors, as they'll be delivering twice as much current into the load as an 8-ohm speaker, and will be dissipating roughly twice as much heat within their output stages.

With your Denon you can drive a 4-ohm load safely, as long as you don't drive it too hard. If you turn the volume up too high your amp may begin to clip (sounds very harsh and distorted, may damange the tweeters), may overheat and shut itself down, or may overheat and burn up (as what you have already experienced).

Does your receiver have pre-outs? Do yourself a favour and purchase a poweramp capable of driving your speakers


11-03-2008, 06:12 PM
Thanks for the reply Elapsed but I know some what about ohm's. Saw that the speakers were bi-wirable which I thought was something different. I thought it might have been like dual voice coils where I could raise or lower the "seen" ohm's. I'm a lot more used to car audio than home audio.

Oh and I smoked my receiver fixing some free speakers I got. One of them had a non functioning mid. Turned out the x-over was broke a simple soldering job and it was fixed. I had a speaker wire laying on the floor not sure if it short circuited or caught some static but my receiver went into protect mode never to come back. :mad5: :crying: :mad:

11-04-2008, 12:09 AM
MY friend has some Axioms, and I used them for a month or so.
My receiver is six ohm, had no trouble.
Axiom is a good speaker, not a "great" one.
BASICALLY a chevorlet version of a certain paradign model,
the massive Canadian speaker industry is structured somewhat like GM.
Canada is know for their wood, so why are these M80S' , after several years, suffering from "peel" from the vinyl overlays that cover the
particleboard cabinets?
Still sound good tho, but not as refined as my B&W 600 series,
they do everything blunt object style, two tweeters, mids, and bass drivers.
I wouldnt buy a new pair of Axioms, not for the grand they are charging,
but used they might be a bargain.
BUT FOR THE PRICE of a "new" pair you can get a lot more sophisicated speaker, like a pair of Viennas, or Klipsch's highline bookshelf.
I think of AXIOM as Cerwin Vegas with a heart, want to impress people with a large floorstander for the price of a good bookshelf, go right ahead, but these prove that you cant get an outstanding floorstanding
speaker at this price point.
A REAL speaker with the M80 layout would run four to five grand.