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10-13-2008, 03:55 PM
Break Up The Concrete is the name. and the four or five tracks I have heard are a kinda mix of frenetically played rockabilly, with some country-rockish ballads. It sounded ok, but it didn't sound 'Pretenders enough'...I'd prolly like it if I didn't have a preconcieved notion of what the Pretenders were supposed to sound like. At least it isn't too polished and over produced pop like the last few albums were. In fact, they seem to be going for an under-produced quality here. The ballads are reminiscent of the pop ballads they've done in the past, albeit stripped down and country tinged (imagine Stop Your Sobbing with steel guitar). A couple of rockers sound very loose and done in one take, not in a jangely twangey Wilco way, but kinda sorta, oh I dunno, garagabilly.

I stood there in the store trying to prolong my stay long enough to hear it, but had to go. I don't know if I'm itching to go back and get it or not.

I'm amazed at the geezers who've put out competent and relevant sounding albums this year, Ray Davies, Nick Cave, Lindsey Buckingham, The Pretenders, and Todd Rungeren has one due to come out next year...hhmmm...

Finch Platte
10-14-2008, 10:29 AM
I've heard 3 tracks streamed from Rolling Stone's site, and they did diddley-squat for me.

Can't understand why Chrissie didn't have Martin play drums on this one (Jim Keltner did), but *shrug* oh, well. Guess she doesn't need him to suck.

Listen here. (


10-15-2008, 03:33 PM
I like it pretty much. I'm not totally into it, but I think it's the best thing coming out under the Pretenders name in a long, long time. The opening track I really dig and I like the Bo Diddley turn on the title cut.