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09-29-2008, 10:16 AM
With all the new products that have been announced recently (CEDIA etc..) I figure maybe it's time we had a thread to discuss new products/product lines that you are excited about...

For me I'm most excited about 2 new product ranges:

The PS Audio Ultra range of DAC/Transport/Wi-Fi Bridge/Music Server... Priced at more traditional 'audiophile' prices...


The Musical Fidelity V-Series... a very affordable line of "essential accessories for the Hi-Fi connoisseur "...

The Ultra-Link DAC and optional Wi-Fi Bridge looks to be a more user friendly and frankly (cool looking) version of the Logitech Transporter... It has an LCD touch screen on the front of the unit and should be both a high-end DAC and a music streamer... add on the PWT (Perfect Wave Transport) and an external Hard drive (I think PS Audio will also be offering it's own version) and you have a full music centre... I'm really only excited about the DAC and WiFi Bridge though, as I already have a computer and external Hard drive to handle ripping and storage of my music...


Also check out the PS Audio forums for detailed discussions of the Ultra Series.

The V-Series includes several products (all under $400 so far): the V-DAC (a USB/Coaxial/Toslink DAC - $380) that is really cute or really cheap looking (I think it's both to be honest)... V-Can a cheap headphone amp ($250), a Class A output buffer, a phono stage, a Single to Balanced converter and a power supply upgrade for products in the series... The series is designed around the principle of cutting costs on packaging and fancy cosmestics and spending the money on advanced circuits and design...


Or better yet, for actual product info and some cool pics:


So what new products are you excited about???