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09-23-2008, 09:25 PM
The Gift Of Screws.

He's got a new one out, and he's in a more experimental, pop mood...in other words, this isn't Under The Skin Pt2, which for me is a good thing. Maybe some day I can appreciate Under The Skin, but after 15 years, I didn't want to hear an albums' worth of poignant, heart bleeding singer/song writer stuff, I wanted a valid follow up to Out Of The Cradle. Under The Skin had its moments, but it rocked like a new Johnny Cash album...uh, yeah.

A mix of his older ecclectic/electric solo stuff and the acoustic/ecclectic style found on Tusk. And its only 40 minutes long, which means its focused and tight. He didn't back up the truck on this one like the last Fleetwood Mac album. And this isn't a collection of nearly finished demos ala his '80s output. This exactly the album I waited for, and it goes down sooo good, like a good Buckingham album should do.