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09-22-2008, 08:12 AM
The Lookout (2007, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jeff Daniels) - This gripping thriller from last year grabs ahold of you slowly, until you find yourself with its hands gripped firmly around your neck and not letting go. The story builds up alot of exposition as we are introduced to the circumstances of JGL's character, who got in a car accident and suffered some brain damage, hurting his memory of things. He has to write down everything to remember the sequence of how his day/life is progressing.
In a seemingly innocuous meeting at a bar, he is recruited by a group of kids he went to high school with (who he no longer remembers) to get in on a bank heist. Jeff Daniels plays his roomate, brought together by the learning center that helps handicapped people, who is blind and has been-there-done-that and sees JGL's problems before the kid himself does (in a nice bit of irony). The twists of the plot are great and the performances by everyone really pull you in to the strange cast of characters. Very film-noirish as well. Makes me want to rent Brick next! Highly Reccomended!!

In Bruges (2008, with Colin Ferrell and Brendand Gleeson) - The trailers for this showed it as an off-the-wall type comedy. It is WAAAAAY more than that. Two hitmen are sent to Bruges (in belgium) to hide out after a hit goes bad. Stuck in this small town the two begin to sight see as they wait for instructions from their boss (played by Ralph Fiennes, quite brilliantly). The story has a few twists and turns in it and is far more touching than i thought it'd be. Colin Ferrell and Gleeson are exceptionally good and play off each other very well in some touching and heartfelt scenes as well as the comedic ridiculous ones, and often the two blend seemlessly from a moment you want to cry right into one where you want to laugh. Highly Reccomended!!!!

Angel-A (2007, by Luc Besson (5th Element, Leon) - a down and out small time crook is in more debt than he can handle. So he decides to take his fate into his own hands, and rather than die by the hands of his creditors, he'd rather kill himself. As he's about to jump off a bridge, he sees another suicidal person, a tall, leggy blonde. She jumps. He jumps in to save her. Drags her to safety. And she becomes his 'guardian angel'....i don't want to reveal anything else other than to rent it!! It's not up there with Leon, as my favorite Luc Besson movie to date, but it's heading in that direction. In French with Subtitles. Almost Highly Reccomended!!

Rescue Dawn (2006, with Christian Bale, Steve Zahn, by Werner Herzog) Before the vietnam war started in 1965, the US was still sending bombing raids into the region. Within 40 minutes of his first mission, Dieter Dengler (a german american) is shot down. He is taken to a POW camp deep into enemy territory and this is the story of his escape. It is intense!! Christian Bale is one of my favorite actors and he is as good here as he's been. Steve Zahn was the big surprise as i've only seen him in comedic roles and he was incredibly good as another pow already in the camp by the time Dieter arrives. Highly Reccomended.

(anyone who's seen Angel-A i'd love to discuss with spoilers, curious what other reactions are to it)



09-23-2008, 03:43 AM
I reviewed "In Bruges" earlier this year, glad you recommend it also. I'd not heard of any of the others but will put them "in the queue".

Da Worfster

09-23-2008, 07:03 AM
Okay. I rented "The Descent" this past weekend because it's a Blu-ray and quite frankly I wanted see some hot bods get eaten by PC game monsters.

It sucked and I'm not even going to review it except to say the color of all the blood was spot on with my TV.

09-23-2008, 07:06 AM
Okay. I rented "The Descent" this past weekend because it's a Blu-ray and quite frankly I wanted see some hot bods get eaten by PC game monsters.

It sucked and I'm not even going to review it except to say the color of all the blood was spot on with my TV.

ditto that too, although i liked the whole section when they started into the caves, that definitely had a good claustrophobic/creepy feel to it (albeit the chicks bickering got old fast), and then the very very frist mini-glimpse of the creature as that white 'something' behind one of the girls was creepy.... but after that, it sure descended (haha) quickly into stupidity.

09-23-2008, 10:23 AM
thanks for commenting on those selections, Kam.

Two recent rentals:
The King of Kong - A Fistful of Quarters (2007). First I'll say what I thought this was but ain't. I had not heard of this. When I saw it on the shelf, I thought it was a comedy on competitive video gaming. What could be more entertaining than a comedic swipe at hardcore video gamers (read "nerds"), right? about a real-life documentary on hardcore video gamers and not those young kids who play to kill imaginary people, to be imaginary drug lords and to go to imaginary topless joints? How about gamers dedicated to the original arcade games of yesteryear like Donkey Kong, Galaga, PacMan, Mrs. PacMan, etc? Watch as kings are crowned, alliances are formed, challenges are extended, disciples are groomed, and records are set (some dubiously) and broken (just as dubiously). Still not interested? Give it a chance. Even if you're not a fan of the games, the story is quite compelling.

The Sasquatch Gang (2006). Alright, this is not the stuff of intellectual discussion. Apparently, it was made by the same gang that gave us Napolean Dynamite and yes Heder does make a cameo appearance and there are some similarities in the quirkiness of characters, but the story (w/ multiple story-lines) is not as endearing. It does have its laugh-out-loud moments, though. I enjoyed its mind-numbing unchallenging qualities in the same way I enjoyed "Idiocracy." The fact that Carl Weathers (Apollo Creed) is in the role that he's in was very satisfying. Whether he pulled it off or not was of little consequence. I couldn't get enough of Justin Long (Zerk) and his sidekick Shirts. If anybody in Hollywood needs a mullet-sportin', "this is America" redneck, Justin Long is your man. Have you seen those lizards that run on water and thought, "I could do that"?