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09-13-2008, 10:10 PM
My MP3 Portable is a Palm TX PDA with a 2GB Sandisk Extreme III SD Card.
Buds are Philips SHES910 with Virtual Surround sound.

Hey I couldn't see paying $100+ for a 2gb Ipod when this Palm does a ton of stuff plus play MP3's and video on a big screen.
*Ok maybe I'm dumb but I rip 128bit......IMHO 192 or 256 is just bigger and don't sound any diff.*
2GB cards are cheap and portable......(I read that it can take simple 4GB SD cards but don't know that for a fact)

I got my Palm TX for $175 NIB off the bay.....batt life is like 12hrs where ipod and many others don't last for diddly!
Listen to MP3' vids.....keep appointments......Nice Games does it all.
IMHO it's a MP3 player on steroids!

BTW: I use pocket Tunes with it which is the best music player/organizer I have found on any portable device.

Info on Palm TX here

Pocket Tunes info here

Mr Peabody
09-14-2008, 06:43 AM
That's not a bad way to go, need more room, just buy another card. You should be able to hear the difference in bit rates though. Are you using "variable bit rate"? Variable bit uses the available file size more efficiently and typically sounds better. I'm not familiar with those buds but you might try a better pair of headphones just for comparing the difference is sound between bit rates.

09-14-2008, 06:58 AM
No laughin' over here. It seems like a pretty bright way to go actually. Unless you use your IPOD/MP3/portable as a source for your main rig there's not much point in going lossless or with bigger files...Lotta great cans out there but really no earbuds are gonna necessitate "audiophile" quality codecs.

Welcome to the forum, btw.

09-14-2008, 11:02 AM
I compaired it to a actual CD and maybe I'm deaf but if there is any diff it's minuscule at best.
Meaning I actually burned these 128bit mp3's to a CD-r.
It enables me to fit more songs per card.

I had a coupla diff MP3 players.....Phillips had the best batt life but this BS of different interfaces to manage the song was a pita.
Maybe I don't wanna use Windows Media Player or Ex: Sony's Sonic Stage to manage my music.
Just wanted something straight forward.......Palm and Pocket Tunes has that.
Not to mention the Palm TX does way more than just play songs for the price!

Thanx for the welcome Bob!